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Have an Iron Bed in Your Home!

Admittedly, history has painted iron beds in an unsavoury light. But what would turn most people off can provide an innovative and creative way to add a shine to your bedroom. That’s right – these sturdy beds can actually be reworked or painted in miscellaneous hues that will match the rest of the furniture in your bedroom.
have an iron bed in your home
Originally created in Italy during the 17th century to combat moth and bed bug infestations, iron beds feature iron headboards and footboards with matching steel frame rails. Modern iron beds often tag along with beech wood slats instead of steel ones, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of mattresses. Presently, iron beds are commercially made as opposed to the hands-on approach that was utilized before World War I, thus enabling it to be sold in bulk. With a myriad of filigree designs that can be interspersed with spectacularly engraved wood pieces, iron beds have slowly began to clamber up the popularity rung for those looking to spruce up their bedroom.

There are generally four different ways in which you can use or alter an iron bed to compliment the theme of your bedroom.

Include Gaslights
The traditional gaslight style of your bed’s head- and footboard adds a simple yet antique touch to your bedroom. If you’re not overly thrilled over the colour of the bed, then all you have to do is whip out a spray paint can and get your knuckles cracking.

Include filigree designs or posts
Four poster iron beds not only look grand, but also exude a baroque feel. If you fancy a more refined appearance for your bed, then you can purchase iron beds done up in intricate filigree designs – anything from blooming flowers to trumpeting angels.

Baby Cribs
Irons cribs are ideal in rendering an eternal and chic appeal to your child’s sleeping area. Most modern cast iron cribs feature conversion kits that enable them to double up as day beds when your child has outgrown their present bed.

Wood and Metal
This dual combination will definitely add a personal and unique touch to the head- or footboard of your bed.

With all these creative ventures you can undertake to spice up your otherwise drab or melancholic bedroom, why not purchase an iron bed right now? We guarantee you’ll never regret it!

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