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Has Lap Band Failed You? Switch to Gastric Sleeve!

If you are considering surgery as a weight loss solution then it is important to consider all the options that are available. Over the years the medical field has used the latest innovations to make weight loss possible, if not, easier for the doctor and the patient, too. However, some procedures come with their own set of risks and complications depending on how it was performed as well as the patient’s body type and recovery.
Has Lap Band Failed You? Switch to Gastric Sleeve!
It also possible that you are considering another weight loss surgery to remedy a previous one that did not go so well or did not fulfill your expectations. This is a common occurrence among patients who have undergone weight loss surgeries in the past. And the good news is there are many ways a doctor can correct a surgical procedure that did not go so well.

Any kind of surgery performed for the purpose of weight loss is referred to as bariatric surgery. Some of the most common surgeries for weight loss are the lap band, gastric sleeve, and the gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is what started it all. It is a procedure that divides the stomach into two parts and rearranges the small intestine so that it is still connected to the two pouches that were separated from the surgery. It is typically the solution for patients who are in the “morbidly obese” category but it would require another surgical procedure as the dramatic weigh loss may result in the loosening of skin.

Thinking of getting a lap band procedure? The first thing you should know is that it involves placing a band in the uppermost part of your stomach. This is to prevent you from eating large amounts of food. It is a very common procedure that takes about 25 minutes to complete. The best part is that it is a reversible procedure and it can also be adjusted. However, some people have complained of the band getting misplaced so consider that risk before getting one.

Has lap band failed you? Switch to gastric sleeve! This procedure is rising in popularity because it involves making the stomach smaller. After a gastric sleeve procedure, the stomach would be able to consume 15% less than what it used to. This procedure, however, is not reversible since it involves removing a part of the stomach and the hormone Ghrelin which is responsible for making you hungry. By removing the side of the stomach, it will result in looking like a sleeve thus the name gastric sleeve.

The truth is that there are more procedures than the three mentioned above. Weight loss surgery is serious business so if you are really considering it, then it might be good to consider what your options are and which procedure sounds like the safest one for you.

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