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Hanging Business with a Door Hanger

As you travel to your work or school every day, you get to see advertisements left and right. Billboards are seen in some of the major roads, flyers are handed out to you, some are posted in the walls and sometimes, even the trusty ol’ door knob is being used to place advertisements!
Hanging Business with a Door Hanger
If you are starting out a business and you wish to promote a product, jumping in to the advertising bandwagon is a good way to have your products become well-known. However, before you join the pool of budding entrepreneurs in this network, it is wise to arm yourself with new ideas on how you can make the most of this opportunity even by just using a door hanger as your promotional tool.

A door hanger is a new and non-conventional form of print advertising. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with this concept. These promotional items are often left unnoticed by potential customers. Although the lack of client’s familiarity with having a door handle used as a marketing tool, this can be an advantage to you as long as you take some steps to make your door hanger advertisement stand out.

It is a common knowledge that when a product becomes well known, its price goes high. This includes high production costs for printed media such as flyers, banners and magazine advertisements. However, this is not the case with door hangers. In fact, door hangers have low printing costs and can be distributed with minimal expense incurred. This is perfect for new entrepreneurs like you who are building your funds to promote your product.

While all forms of printed advertisement pique one’s curiosity of the product through catchy images or phrases, it does not lead to interaction between the product and the consumer. Though there is a possibility that the door hanger can be discarded, it is not left completely unnoticed. At some point, the consumer gets to read the key features of the product endorsed even when he/she is about to discard it away from the door handle. Therefore, a door hanger is a good way to establish a personal connection between your product and your potential customer.

Unlike flyers and other print ads, door hangers can be designed in line with your business. For example, you are a baker and you plan to place your advertisement in a local pastry shop catering to independent bakers. Then you can simply create a door hanger highlighting your key products. This way, you get to capture the attention of your target market. Be creative yet simple so as not to come across as an obstructive advertisement.

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