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Halloween Costumes for Cats

But for the brave and determined ones, here are some cute and clever Halloween costume ideas for your feline trick or treater.

  1. Witch

One of the most common Halloween costume for cats is the Witch. This witch’s hat can turn any kitty into a sophisticated sorcerer.

 Halloween Costumes for Cats

  1. Vampire

A cute black cape and some fake blood on kitty’s mouth will send kids running the other way.

  1. Devil

Devil horns and a devil tail make Mr. Meow extra menacing.

  1. Angel

Now you can’t have a devil and not have an angel as well. A feathery halo and wings will turn any feline so saintly.

  1. Puss in Boots

This is a winner. Leather booties and a hat on your furry one? Priceless.

  1. Dog

Who says there’s no crossdressing involved when it comes to Halloween costumes for cats? A cat disguised as a dog sounds like something Garfield would do.

  1. Garfield

Speak of the devil, this famous feline’s cuddly orange exterior will cause heads to turn. One of the classic and most popular Halloween costume for cats.

  1. Hello Kitty

Another popular character, this cute Japanese icon will be too hard to resist.

  1. Cat burglar

Good luck dressing up your cat in a skin tight black number. If it’s too much to take, just put on a black face mask and black gloves. What a clever Halloween costume idea!

  1. Thundercat

This is the effortless version of just sticking a big yellow lightning bolt on your kitty.

  1. Copycat

Another common Halloween costume for cats. Corny but simple. Post a photo of a copier machine on your poor little one.

  1. Cat in the Hat

The memorable red and white hat from Dr. Seuss’ classic book.

  1. Lion

Just add a crown of fluff and you have got yourself a lion’s mane.

Halloween Costumes for Cats

  1. Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games

This one’s a clever Halloween costume idea. Create a Mockingjay pin then add a bow and arrow accessory.

  1. Caterpillar

Try a green, bolster baby pillow cover and cut out holes for the feet and tail.

  1. Catnip

Create a costume out of catnip leaves, or just paper ones.

  1. Katy Perry

A blue wig and a lollipop bra. This Halloween costume for cats is surely a headturner.

  1. Lady Gaga

Decide between a Kermit dress or plastic balloon dress. Then add a blonde wig.

  1. Beatnik

A cooler than cool black turtleneck and beret.

  1. Albert Einstein

Unruly head of white hair and black eyeglasses – a clever Halloween costume idea, literally.

  1. Rastafarian

A Jamaican-beanie with sewed-on dreadlocks.

  1. Catsup

Create a white catsup cap hat and print out a Heinz label to stick on your cat’s back.

  1. Cleopatra

A black cropped wig and some gold bands on each leg.

  1. Mummy

Unroll some white gauze and bandage your cat up.

  1. Queen

A tiara and a velvet capelet.

  1. Pocahontas

Braided hair attached to a headband with a feather.

  1. Abraham Lincoln

Stovepipe hat and beard.

  1. Marilyn Monroe

Another good Halloween costume for cats. Blonde wig, fake mole, and white slinky dress.

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

Red cape with hood, and a wicker basket for a prop.

Halloween Costumes for Cats

  1. Wrestler

A leather face mask and leather boots.

With all these clever Halloween costume ideas for your cats, they will surely be put on the spotlight come Halloween!

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