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Hair Replacement Tips

Hair loss – Everyone experiences it, be it the young or old folks. Both males and females even have their own share of this grave mane loss. In the US alone, there are already millions of people suffering from this problem. More than 90% of these are caused by hereditary factors, while the remaining are caused by illness, like Alopecia, or chemotherapy.
Hair Replacement Tips
People who are experiencing hair loss need not be depressed. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you through this hair problem. Restoration solutions are among the most common and most effective treatments that many patients choose. There are different types of such methods, like hair transplants, hair flaps, scalp reduction, and medication.

Hair transplant is said to be the most effective hair restoration procedure. However, this requires the patient to go under the knife in order to achieve the results needed. Although effects can be observed immediately, this can be a bit costly. Despite that, many patients still go for this option. During the procedure, hair from other parts in the scalp is moved to the hairless parts. This covers the affected area.

Generally, there have been so many positive feedback regarding the use of hair transplants. Patients do not get an awkward look where the re-growth of transplanted hair does not become too obvious. With recent improvements in technology, many surgeons have already improved the procedure in order to produce more natural hair by transplanting follicles.

Hair flap is similar to hair transplant. The only difference is that for hair flaps, the scalp areas are transplanted together with the blood supply. Since this is a sensitive procedure, it may have some complications that one should discuss with the doctor.

Scalp reduction is an operation where the patient’s hairless area is removed through surgery. An elastic device is placed under the scalp to reduce the hairless parts of the scalp.

There are a lot of hair loss medications available in the market today. Different drugs promise an improvement in hair growth and thickness. Despite such prominence, one has to check if these medicines are approved by the FDA before purchasing. This ensures that the items do not cause any negative effect and are tested to be safe. Aside from medications, there are also creams and serums patients can use in order to restore hair growth. Over-the-counter alternatives such as pills, serums, and creams are the affordable hair restoration alternatives that patients can go for.

These hair restoration procedures are effective and good methods in regaining one’s self-confidence. It’s best to identify which ones are perfect for the situation. Getting the doctor’s advice before stepping in to any kind of procedure is also important. This helps in knowing if one is suitable for such a hair restoration method.

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