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Growing Your Business With the Help of Google

The internet has become a very powerful tool for searching information. Search engines like Google play a very important role to assimilate and provide whatever information we need within a click of a mouse. Without the help of a search engine, finding relevant information can really be a daunting task – just imagine living during the time of our forefathers where research entails carrying books half as heavy as you. Ad on Google has also become a very prominent way of advertising businesses nowadays. Adwords and online ads are also becoming a new source of income for those who want to earn some extra money from the comfort of their own homes.

Growing Your Business With the Help of Google

Do you know how Google search engine works?
I think I’ll forever be thankful to Google for introducing their search engine to the world. All those case studies, and research projects I did during my undergraduate years would not have been as detailed and extensive if not for Google. Therefore, it is very important to know how Google generates search results. Actually all search engines including Google use a special algorithm to generate results. When it comes to Google, not much is known about the algorithm secrets because it only shares the general facts about it and keeps the specifics as secret (of course they want to maintain their reputation as the leading search engine in the planet). This helps Google to remain competitive.

Google works with the help of automatic programs which are called spiders or crawlers. It uses a large number of keywords to crawl through the enormous content available on the net.

Matching of ad group by Google search engine
Google has become a very important platform for advertising. Ads on google has become indispensable for any online business. But do you know how Google search engine matches your ad group and displays it on the relevant web page or website? First, the pages of the websites are analyzed and Google search engine’s algorithm assigns a theme or category to the page. This category is chosen from a finite list with the help of a software. When it comes to Google adwords, there are approximately 594 themes. These themes are offered to the advertisers when they choose to place their advertisement for targeted ad campaigns. Similarly, the text and the keywords of the ad content placed by the advertiser are also analyzed and each ad group is assigned a category from the same list. The matching algorithm also finds a logical sub category and helps the main algorithm to decide which pages are most relevant for the placement of the advertisement.

What are Google Adwords?
Whenever you type a query on Google search engine, you must have seen some ads appearing on the top portion of the search page. These ads are different from the search results shown by Google in response to your query. These are Google Adwords. Google Adwords is an advertising system promoted by Google in which the advertisers make a bid on certain keywords to appear in Google search result. If your bid is the highest, then your ad is likely to appear on the first page of the relevant category. But aside from the bid, there are other factors in deciding where your ad on google will actually appear. The most important factors are the quality score and cost per click.

How to create Google Adwords?
I am not a business owner but I’ve actually tried using Adwords to aid me in coming up with relevant keywords to use in my personal blog. This is just proof of how Google can benefit all of us, whether individuals or business owners. Google provides extensive help for setting up Adwords advertising on its site. It has a dedicated website specially meant to assist the Adwords advertisers and relays in detail the basic concepts and how it works, from the scratch to the end. But to gain access, the first thing you must do is to open a Google Adwords account. After opening the account, you will be guided through simple, easy to follow steps to set your Google advertising campaigns. Advertisers can also bid in an auction for keyword ad positioning. This is called Google auction. With a better positioning, your ad on Google will get better exposure.

So, get ready for a comfortable and rewarding experience on Google and grow your business with the help of ads on Google.

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