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Great Girls Birthday Party Ideas for Any Age

Say “girls birthday party ideas” and people immediately imagine glitters, ribbons, flowers, unicorns, princess-like dresses, and lots of pink, pink, pink.

But it actually doesn’t always have to be that way. There are girls birthday party ideas or themes your daughter will enjoy, and that grownups and even little boys may even think is “cool”, so they’ll gladly come to your daughter’s birthday party. Best of all, these themes can be modified to suit your daughter’s age.

chocolate party ideas

Girls Birthday Party Idea #1 – Chocolate

This is one of the most versatile of girls birthday party ideas because nearly everybody likes chocolate, period, regardless of age. You can keep the color scheme of the party simple: brown and red, or brown and pink. The birthday cake should of course be made of chocolate. For an interesting chocolate-themed party feature, try renting a chocolate fountain spilling chocolate fondue (have fruit and bread ready for dipping into that sauce) as a centerpiece. For a more grown-up party, serve a chicken entrée with savory chocolate sauce, with hot chocolate and churros as dessert. For a more feminine girls birthday party idea, turn it into a full-blown English tea party with chocolates.

mystery party ideas

Girls Birthday Party Idea #2 – Mystery Party

This is a great birthday party idea especially if your daughter’s birthday is close to Halloween. The party centers around one main game activity: to solve a puzzle or mystery that you and your daughter (the game hosts) present to your guests. The party itself can be as simple or as complicated (think costume party) as you can make it, and made to whatever age level, and it’ll still be fun. The cake, the food, the décor, and even birthday gifts can follow the mystery theme. The game itself can be patterned after the usual “murder mystery” game of “Clue,” or an actual treasure hunt (with the “treasure” hidden somewhere in the party’s venue or your house).

sport party ideas

Girls Birthday Party Idea #3 – “Sportolympics”

If your daughter is a physically-active individual, this may appeal to her and her friends (both male and female). This is one of the more physically-demanding girls birthday party ideas out there, because it requires a large play venue. The whole party is a miniature sportsfest, complete with sports-themed décor, cakes, food, and prizes. Guests are encouraged to dress in athletic clothes, and give sports-related gifts.

pet party ideas

Girls Birthday Party Idea #4 – Pet Day

What if a girls’ birthday party had plenty of puppies in it? That would be the craziest of all possible girls birthday party ideas, if you think about it—with kids and animals running all over the place! But if you, your daughter, and everyone else invited to the party are nuts for their pets, why not bring them over for a special pet day? Lots of cuddles and kisses from their pets will make everyone feel like a kid.

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