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Granite Floor Polishing

Your granite floors can look tough but they are also very delicate. You may think their surface is hard but they can be scratched easily, and they can soak in stains which can ruin their finish. Since your granite floors did not come cheap, you want to take care of it and you may even get professionals to do granite floor polishing just to keep it looking great at all times.
Granite Floor Polishing
A sealant must be re-applied at least once a year to keep your granite floor’s glossy shine and to protect it from damage caused by heavy furniture and foot traffic in your home. In addition to annual sealing, there are other activities you can do to protect your granite floor.

On a daily basis, you have to keep dirt, grit, and sand off your granite floor to prevent its surface from getting scratched. Protect your granite floor from these small particles which are dragged in by the shoes of those who walk across the surface. Cover your floors with area rugs and large mats.

Mop your granite floor daily and be sure to use soft mop to prevent dust and small particles of dirt from accumulating on the tile. A vacuum cleaner can also be used but you have to see to it that the wheels do not scratch the granite floor. As with any other delicate flooring, wipe spills right away, be it liquid, sauce, oil, or grease, to keep them from staining your granite floor. When mud or dirt is dragged into your floors, you have to clean it up immediately before grit and dirt can scratch its surface or embed into the granite.

You can find cleaning agents which are approved for granite cleaning. You can not use abrasives cleaners, detergents, or bleach. They can ruin the color of the granite. You may use warm water with soap for your regular everyday cleaning but it is going to leave a filmy residue on your floor, so you have to rinse a few more times to minimize the residue.

When you find a rather large and stubborn stain, or discoloration in your granite floor tiles, don’t panic because there are professional cleaners who have the right equipment and products to do the job without a damage on your floor. Doing it yourself may cause more damage to your granite floor.

You also have to do a periodic inspection of the edges and grout. Early detection of small chips in the granite can prevent further damage. You can immediately replace the tile before it can lead to bigger cracks.

Your granite floor gives your home a sophisticated and elegant style. They come in different colors such as gray, black, white, brown, and even jade. You are not going to have any problem matching them to your home’s décor and atmosphere. Keep your granite floor at its best by polishing it regularly with the right solutions. But for a more professional job in polishing your granite floor, call in the experts.

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