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Getting Down and Dirty With Slab Leaks

Do you often see a wet floor in your kitchen or bathroom area despite closing your faucets after use? Or are you shocked with your water bill as you are being charged for more than you think you have consumed? These are some scenarios most homeowners like you often encounter when unknowingly dealing with slab leaks. Yes, unknowingly.
Getting Down and Dirty With Slab Leaks
Most people are not aware that there are tiny leaks present in the water pipes that cause water to seep out. Unfortunately, most slab leaks are too small to be even noticed thus, it remains unrepaired as large leaks are the most commonly fixed. Worse, the repair of these pesky little leaks are costly and are not often covered by the homeowners’ insurance.

While the most common reason for the repair is to stop the skyrocketing charges in your water bill, there are other important reasons as to why you should have these leaks repaired the soonest possible time.

Damage to the foundation of your home
Although your home’s foundation is built on sturdy materials particularly large slabs of concrete with steel supports, it can be easily damaged over a period of time by a slab leak. The damage often begins with just a crack but when the leak remains unrepaired, the damage progresses, displacing your foundation and further takes a toll in the integrity of your house.

Damage to floors
Slab leaks often leave wet floors. This is attributed to the large damage the leak has brought into your home’s foundation. More than just wet floors, you can also have your favorite carpet severely damaged, lead to cracked tile floors, bubbles underneath the linoleum, and destroy wooden floors. Repair of the flooring can even damage your budget with its high cost.

Mold Growth
Molds thrive in moist areas such as those from slab leaks. Given that the moisture produced by the leak is the perfect medium for the growth of mold, it stays there and proliferates. The next thing you see are molds in every single wall of your house! Not only that these molds are eyesores, they are dangerous to your health. Most molds have spores that once inhaled may cause a variety of diseases such as asthma and fungal infection.

Musty Odor
Once the leak remains unrepaired, it produces a musty odor, especially when the water comes into contact with a metal pipe. Depending on the extent of the leak, a portion or your entire house may smell really bad like a raw sewage.

Slab leaks can occur either in the main water line or at the sewer line in your yard. If the leak is in your sewer line, it can damage your yard, leaving your pool or landscape destroyed.

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