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Get the Best of California in Costa Mesa!

If you are swinging by the sunny golden coast of California this humid summer, why not drop by the exquisite coastal region of Costa Mesa instead? This wonderful City of the Arts is the epitome of a Californian vacation come true. Not only does this gorgeous city feature a medley of attractions from shopping hubs to trendy pubs and a beachfront view that will make your heart pummel against your ribcage in anticipation, but Costa Mesa certainly has it all.
Get the Best of California in Costa Mesa!
For example, if you are a foodie goodie, then amp up to a whole new level of culinary nirvana at the Old Vine Café. If you fancy a little Eastern seaboard cuisine, then check out the fresh delicacies at the Hamamori. When a craving for some good ol’ Mexican food seizes you from within, you can always swing by the Mi Casa Mexican Bar and Restaurant at Costa Mesa. If you truly wish to tickle your tastbuds, then you can give the Onotaria Wine Cuisine Country a try before settling in for the night. Knock down all those delicious platters with a whooping dose of some French cuisine lodged inside the Westin South Coast Plaza at the Pinot Provence. Better yet, why don’t you tease your palate this balmy summer by hitting up some prime USA steaks at the gastronomic Mastro’s Steakhouse?

Once your belly is sated and your stomach can hold no more rich Californian delicacies, you can always go wild on the shopping scene. Unleash your inner shopaholic by tromping along South Coast Plaza for some posh boutiques or unparalleled Californian collections. If you want to inhale the salty scent of sea air whilst shopping, then hop on down to The Triangle and feast your eyes on 191 000 square feet of pure bliss that is bound to make your inner shopping Goddess drool. If you wish to take a trip into a baroque Italian setting blended carefully with some classical Californian architecture, then pay a visit to the Metro Pointe – a popular tourist hangout that is packed to the brim with luxurious shopping goodies.

Of course, dropping by Costa Mesa without a visit to the beach is certainly a crime! So why don’t you lug your family along for a day of rest and relaxation at the Huntington, Laguna and Newport Beach at Costa Mesa? Not only can you ogle at blonde buxom beauties in bikinis all along, but you can also go parasailing or surfing across the cool ocean waters of the Pacific Ocean itself. If you wish to get a step closer to all the cool sea critters, then you can easily drop by SeaWorld or Aquarium for the Pacific for an up-close encounter of some of nature’s most notorious and exotic marine life.

If you feel bogged down by all the sights and wonders of Costa Mesa, then you can always check in into the Hilton Orange County, Ramada Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa Marriott or even Avenue of the Arts Wyndham Hotel at Costa Mesa. Remember, just drop by this gorgeous coast and you’re guaranteed to bring back the sweet memories of a beautiful Californian experience this summer. Enjoy!

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