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Get Creative With Fashion Collages

Oh yes, we’ve done collages as given by our dear teachers as a project way back in grade school. Our parents had even helped us with it. So who says that collages are only some grade school kid’s stuff? Creativity knows no age nor limitations. If you are feeling bored to tears, as if you have nothing interesting to do on your free time, why not plunge into creating fashion collages as an enjoyable personal project. Your finished art piece can brighten up your room with a fashionable touch. Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the fashion industry? Then get inspired by creating these collages.
get creative with fashion collages
Collages are quite easy to do and it doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, the materials you will need are already within your house. Gather those magazines, get a pair of scissors, a couple of push pins, and some other crafts materials (perhaps leftovers from your younger sister’s book scrapping items). You can post your collage unto your room’s cork board. In case you don’t have one, well, corkboards are not expensive anyway.

Now, work your way by browsing through the magazines to find appealing and inspiring stuff. Once you have found what you are looking for, start cutting those fashion images and articles. You might want to play background music to set a good mood as you proceed with your fashion collages. Let your individuality pour in.

If you are feeling more inventive and love to use the computer, you can post fashion collages online. Quite exciting isn’t it? Your collage can be used as a marketing tool to help drive traffic and consequently increase sales. Creating online collages are also as easy as making actual collages. However, you must be more decisive with the images you want to include. Obviously, you will need additional things like a scanner, computer, collage software, internet connection, file transfer program (FTP) and a picture posting site. Decide on your specific audience so you can determine which spectrum of the fashion industry you want to work on.

Collate actual images you have found from a magazine and scan them, give appropriate title for each for easy identification and assign JPG extension to the file. You can also find additional images over the web. To avoid copyright issues, search for free images. Otherwise, you can ask permission from the owners of the sites that you want to extract images from. Never ever use images that are not yours for your online fashion collages.

Store all images in a folder in your computer, preferably on the desktop for easy access. Download a free collage software, and carefully study and follow the instructions. After that, you can layout your design and focus on the theme you want to create. Don’t overcrowd the images or else your fashion collages will not be as effective as you want them to be. Save your work with a JPG extension and save it on the desktop. Finally, you can send your creation onto a picture hosting site with the help of FTP.

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