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Food Safety Tips

Everyone can be affected with unsafe food. From stomach upsets to vomiting or later on, dehydration, eating unsafe food is harmful. It pays then to take some measures to make and keep our food safe and in turn, keep ourselves and others safe as well. Here are food safety tips that you can follow:

food safety tips


Tip #1: Store food, both raw and cooked, properly.

Especially for raw food, store them in a clean refrigerator. If cooked, you may also keep them in the fridge for later consumption. But remember to eat cooked food within 2 hours since this is the recommended range of time you can be ensured that bacterial growth is minimal (excluding other possible factors that may make food unsafe). If more than 2 hours have passed, make sure to reheat it for about 70 degrees Celsius since this is the optimum temperature that can kill bacteria. For cold storage, it should have at least 0 degrees.

Tip #2: Wash your hands when handling food.

Did you know that the best way to prevent infection and other foodborne diseases is by washing your hands properly? It may be just a simple method but it works! Wash your hands with soap and create enough friction so it cleans your hands properly. And did you know the World Health Organization even has a step-by-step instruction of how to wash your hands properly? And guess what, the instruction is evidence-based so you can be sure that in this way, bacterial growth is minimized. Wash hands before and after handling food, before and after eating, and especially after using the toilet. The bottomline is, wash your hands every now and then.

Tip #3: Cook food properly.

Oftentimes, stomach upsets and other diseases come from uncooked food as you can’t be sure that the bacteria is killed. Remember that the optimum temperature to kill bacteria is 70 degrees Celsius but it won’t be as effective if not all parts of the food is cooked properly. If in case you want your meat, for example, rare, then take an extra precaution.

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