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Fashion Tips For Men: Cause Fashion Is No Longer a Woman’s World

Fashion is no longer a woman’s world. With the rise of the male metrosexual, more men have looked more debonair than ever. To these men, fashion is power. Here are five simple fashion tips for men who want to enhance their sense of style:

Invest in a timeless wardrobe.

Trends are traps. Do not fall into them. While not all trends are bad, trends are highly selective. Unless you have a great understanding of your body proportions and personal taste, it is best to start out with tried-and-tested, classic pieces.

…But dare to take risks.

Once you have acquired a go-to wardrobe, start taking risks. Slowly buy pieces that are outside of your comfort zone. Instead of choosing what’s latest in men’s fashion, purchase items that resonate with your personality.

Do not take fit for granted.

Fit can make or break a look. Unfortunately, most men fall into the trap of putting on clothes that are too big for them. The key here is to always fit clothes prior to buying them, no matter how sure you are of your size. Clothes should not be too loose but should not be too fit either.

Seek a friend’s advice.

Better yet, bring a trusted friend with you while you go shopping. Have a second opinion on the styles, cuts, and colors that fit you well. This will save you from hundred-dollar clothes that might end up rotting in your wardrobe. Sales people may be around, but it is best to not depend on them. After all, they are called sales people for a reason. They work to make sales, not to make you look good.

Put value in style.

Probably the most valuable fashion tip ever. How you dress up is an indication of your personality. While “beauty may be in the eye of the beholder,” we cannot change the fact that our look influences others’ perception of us. In a way, our personal style lets us communicate to others by means of clothes. Invest in your personal style as you would invest in yourself.

While men like Brad Pitt may look effortlessly dashing, developing a sense of fashion does not happen overnight. Start with a basic wardrobe and then let it grow. Choose pieces that suit your body proportions and your personal taste. Always, ask for a second opinion, because clothing is an investment you would want to make wisely. Take note of these five fashion tips for a more fashionable and stylish you.

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