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Factors That Affect Your Weight Lifting Workout

Many people nowadays have become enthusiastic about physical fitness and working out. Some go to the gym to be lean and fit while others just want to lose weight. But what is trending recently is the desire of many to try some weight lifting workout. This is a part of what we know as bodybuilding. A good weight lifting workout must take several things into consideration, such as having a warm-up, proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water everyday, cardio workouts and most especially, rest (of course you still need to rest!) So, here are some of the weight lifting workout tips and pointers that you should incorporate in your routine.
factors that affect your weight lifting workout
Warming up!
All trainers require their trainees to do some warm-up first before starting any physical activity. Cardio warm-up and stretching would do good in maintaining proper muscular functioning throughout the activity. Do not worry, warm-ups are not hard and strenuous. Five minutes of running and stretching is enough to allow your blood to flow properly, preventing the occurence of cramps and any other injury during your weight lifting workout.

Don’t tire all your muscles in one day!
Weight lifting is not done in just one day. It requires different routines everyday so spread your workout throughout the entire week. Schedule your activities on a weekly bucket. For example, try doing shoulders, arms and chest on a Monday, then do back and biceps on Thursdays, and do legs and abs on Fridays. This technique will give your muscles the time they need to rest, repair and grow. Overstraining is one thing that defeats the purpose and most of the time results in injuries and other physical constraints. Remember that the more you provide rest to your muscles, the faster the rate of repair and growth.

Workout til you get tired.
This does not mean that you will not rest, rather, this encourages you to add up weights every week. Effective weight lifting requires you to work until your muscles get tired.

Experts say that if you are using the right amount of weights, then 8-12 repetitions per set will be enough. If you already exceeded 12, it is an indicator that the weight you are using is not proportional to your body’s capacity.

The ideal figure for proper weight lifting includes 4-7 sets per exercise. No, it won’t take you hours to finish your weight lifting workout activities. One hour is usually the recommended time. Take note of your progress so you can monitor your improvement.

Sixty to ninety seconds is efficient enough to give your muscles some rest after each set. You may change this if you think you need a longer period of rest for the next few sets.

Do not continue the battle without water. It replenishes your energy because exercising can make you severely dehydrated. Dirnk enough amount of water before and after each exercise.

Weightlifting did not tell you to stop eating, rather to eat the right kinds of food for energy.

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