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Facebook Marketing 101: Simple Facebook Ideas, Great Advantages for Your Restaurant

The popularity of Facebook has paved the way for food businesses to integrate it into their marketing campaigns. If you own a restaurant, it is high time to innovate your marketing strategies to gain leverage and par. The key here is to be creative, meticulous, relevant, and hands-on. Get people’s interest to get valuable feedback. Show them what you’ve got to offer. Proficient marketers have made quite a lot of techniques to gain more loyal customers with the help of Facebook. Here are some simple yet worthwhile Facebook marketing tips for your restaurant.

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Facebook Marketing Tip #1 – Create a Facebook Page

First and foremost, you need to create a Facebook page of course. Make it your official page. Facebook members trust official pages more than the ones created by fans (but these unofficial pages help, too). Put important information about your restaurant in the Info tab. Curious Facebook members want to know what is it about your business, where it is located, and the days and hours of operation.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2 – Upload Snapshots

Second, don’t just let your prospective customers read what you can provide, tickle their inquisitiveness with photographs or snapshots of your menu, the interior of the place, your staff, and maybe you can convince and have your customers’ consent to have their pictures included. Entertain them with videos on how a particular dish is prepared. This way, they’ll know just how clean and careful you are. What’s even great is a welcome video. That gives a sense of friendliness and openness.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Spread the Word

Third, inform your customers that you are on Facebook. Brand your Facebook page and ensure it is printed even on the receipt, on the menu, placemats, special boards, etc. Whilst customers wait for their orders, they’ll see that you have a social network account. Encourage your customers to post comments and as a token of appreciation, you can give them a small gift, a discount on their next order or a freebie.

Facebook Marketing Tip #4 – Keep in Touch

Fourth, this is something that some restaurants fail to do – keeping in touch with your fans. Neglecting to do so would mean you don’t care what they have to say. Offline, you’d usually ask customers to fill out forms for their comments and suggestions. This is the latest venue or means to have more customers – by way of your current customers (you know, their friends, and friends of their friends). It makes fans turn into actual customers and gain their loyalty. When you reply on their questions, suggestions or comments, they will likely reply back. Be sure to be as courteous, respectful and cordial as you can be. It shows how professional and hands-on you are.

Facebook Marketing Tip #5 – Update

Fifth, update, update, update! If you have new add-ons on your menu, gimmicks, events, or anything that is new, put that on your Facebook page. Make things relevant. If you have an upcoming anniversary celebration for your restaurant, let your customers know what’s going on. You can create an online game for them to win discount vouchers, freebies or other prizes. Be innovative to get them hyped. Everyone loves to be part of something exciting. Keep the buzz circulating.

There you have it, five simple ideas. They may seem easy, but you have to be committed to make them work. Treat your strategy with balance and it will definitely help you market your food business to go and grow.

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