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Experience Mixed-Reality Technology

Have you heard of virtual reality technology? I bet you’ve been amazed by how this technology works. But wait – there’s definitely something more! Imagine the real world and virtual world merging to produce an environment where both digital and physical objects coexist. This is called mixed-reality technology or simply MR. Magic Leap, a technology company, now makes this possible. And among competitors producing mixed-reality technology like Microsoft and Meta, Magic Leap has the most advanced version so far. When compared also to virtual reality, Magic Leap produces more realistic display as it makes pixels disappear.

experience mixed-reality technology

Director Peter Jackson then says, “I find mixed reality much more exciting than VR. Mixed reality doesn’t take you out of this world. Instead, it adds elements to our real world. And it has great flexibility. You can add as little as you want –a single tiny figure on this tabletop talking to us –or you can replace the walls of this room with a skyscape so we’re sitting here watching clouds float by. If you have your Magic Leap glasses on, you can look up at the Empire State Building and watch it being built in the early 1930s, floor by floor, but sped up. Maybe while you are walking around the modern streets of Chicago you see gangsters driving past with tommy guns. It could be a form of education, entertainment, and tourism. In 10 years I expect that mixed-reality technology like Magic Leap will be used as much as, if not more than, smartphones.”

But how does this work?A semitransparent glass with nanoscale ridges coating makes it possible to allow a user to see the physical world while projecting virtual elements. The beam-splitting nano-ridges then reflect into the user’s eyes and as a result, the real and the virtual world merge. Just a thing we see in movies before but now a reality? What could be any cooler than that?

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