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Eureka Springs – True Healing

Nestled in the scenic Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a mere nine miles from the Missouri state line. It’s one of the most favorite tourism destinations in Arkansas. Not surprising, because the entire town is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Eureka Springs – True Healing

Even prior to the first pioneers reached Arkansas, Eureka Springs was considered holy by the Native American Tribes who believed in its healing powers.

For centuries, the Basin Spring was a place of peaceful gathering of tribes. So revered were the waters that opposing tribes couldn’t battle at the springs. Eureka Springs flourished as a city, spa and tourist destination during the Victorian-era as more people were convinced of its mystical cures.

A short 50 mile drive from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA), Eureka Springs rises to about 1,400 ft above sea level. Artists, bikers, hippies, local residents, preachers and even UFO aficionados frequently hit the numerous events right throughout the year.

After having booked a hotel online, you can hit the tourist circles with the following popular destinations. This list of course isn’t exhaustive.
· Eureka Trolley: Tram tours through the district accompanied by a Narrative of its history
· Great Passion Play: An awesome 4,100 capacity panoramic outdoor amphitheatre, offering a visual & audio treat at the presentation of the final week during the incarnation of Jesus
· Historic District: On account of its place in the National Register of Historic Places, a drive through the city will take you through a Historic treasure-cove.
· Pine Mountain Jamboree: Enjoy the top 40 and classic country hits, rock n roll flavors, bluegrass, gospel music, patriotic fervors, comedy shows, et al.
· Thorncrown Chapel: Oft called one of the finest religious spaces in modern times, the majestic Chapel sits in a serene wooden setting.

History at Eureka Springs lives hand in hand with growth. Just visit the Eureka Spring Chamber of Commerce to get a hang of the opportunities they offer.

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