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Essential Things You Need to Know About Strength Training

Working out makes you not only healthy, but also physically fit. Most people do certain types of exercises in order to lose weight. But most of the time, they do not know the type of workout that will suit their specific needs. Instructors are now introducing strength training workout to the public. Being a new category, many questions are asked, especially on its suitability to a person’s normal daily routine. So, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about strength training workout.
essential things you need to know about strength training
1. When should strength training workout be done: morning or night time?
Both time of the day can be an opportunity to workout. Regardless of the time, what matters is if you feel energized to do such activity. Some prefer to do this in the morning while others workout at night. Sometimes, it also depends on your schedule and workload. If you think that you only have time in the morning, then start conditioning yourself to become a morning person by getting enough sleep. If you prefer working out in a public gym, know that there are certain advantages in going there in the morning. One is the fact that only a few people visit the gym during this time of the day, giving you access to more equipment. But these are just suggestions; it’s still up to you. The best thing to do is to align it with the workout schedule you are currently used to.

2. Is it okay to have a strength training workout everyday?
This time, the answer is no. Strength training is an intense workout and your body will definitely grow tired so make sure you’d treat yourself with a day or two off. The days without exercise provides time for your muscles to repair and grow. Take note that your body builds muscles while you’re at rest. Three to four days of strength training is recommended, however, remember to do different exercises each day. Distribute strength training routines to ensure a more effective workout.

3. How many times should I repeat the routines?
There is no specific number of repetitions here. Just keep in mind that if you are trying to be lean, weights and higher reps should be part of your routine. If you are aiming to bulk up, this would require heavier weights and lower reps.

4. How many sets should I perform?
This would depend on your level. If you are just starting out, give yourself a simple routine first rather than focusing on the number of sets to achieve. As you progress, maybe in two weeks time, you’ll develop a stamina that will allow you to challenge yourself and increase the number of sets. But it’ll all boil down to pushing yourself somehow outside your comfort zone.

5. Is feeling sore normal after a strength training workout?
Beginners normally feel sore and tired after the first few days, but feeling sore all the time may be an indication that you are overstraining your body. The best thing to do is consult a trainer to ensure you’re doing the ideal amount of workout that’s suitable to your capacity and objectives.

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