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Effective Marketing Tip and Tricks for Small Wineries

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in all kinds of business. This plays a key role in the overall success of the business. For wineries, being able to market your brand is essential in strengthening your name and improving your sales. Marketing has changed at the turn of the century and strategies have to keep up with the fast changing times. This just proves that marketing models for wineries before have also changed. This is why, it is essential to create a strong up-to-date marketing strategy that can engage customers.

Marketing Tip #1 – E-mail

At the dawn of the internet, direct mailing lists have converted to e-mail subscriptions already. This helps in keeping your customers updated with the latest news. Set-up a pop-up in your website that collects your customers’ e-mail addresses. The same goes for the visitors in your vineyards. Send them updates regarding the latest events, promos, and wines. You can also be creative and send in different original recipes that they can use with your wines.

Marketing Tip #2 – Contests

Holding contests is a great way to attract more potential customers. This can help in stirring up your market and involving other people as well. Make sure that you run contests well. Try to spread the news through your e-mail listing, website, social media pages, and in your own winery. Conceptualize fun contests with prizes that will appeal to many people.

Marketing Tip #3 – Videos

Videos can be used in attracting attention from different people in the internet. You can be creative with videos. The important thing is to show off your winery through videos. Broadcast why visiting your winery is a great idea for the family. Showing educational videos, by doing how-to videos, cooking videos and wine-making processes, are also informative. You can introduce your staff through your videos too. These videos can also be embedded on your e-mails; they will give a more interesting content for your subscribers.

Marketing Tip #4 – Rewards

Always reward your loyal customers and subscribers. This can help in strengthening your brand and in improving customer loyalty. Provide exclusive discounts for subscribers and other exclusive offers and freebies. This attracts more customers and subscribers to come in. Your customers will also feel like they are important.

Marketing Tip #5 – Blogs and Articles

Creating informative articles will attract more people to your winery. You can post wine myths and facts that your readers might find useful. Include fun trivia and terms that are frequently used in wine-making. You can also feature interesting articles about wine gift ideas for the season and other helpful articles. Write about the benefits of wine and the process of making different kinds of wines. These articles and blogs will add substance to your site. You can also use these in your e-mails.

Marketing Tip #6 – Events

Hold fun and exciting events in your winery. This will attract more people to visit your winery. Have live performances and short wine classes with famous speakers. You can also hold wine tasting tours, wine making festivals and other things. Feature your staff, as well. You can introduce them to your customers to keep them motivated. Make the event fun and interactive and never forget to send invites to your subscribers ahead of time so they can squeeze in their calendars. For better exposure, you can announce these events through different social networking websites.

The revolution of technology today has significantly helped business owners such as small wineries to gain better exposure and implement marketing strategies at little to no cost at all. Business owners must make use of these free tools to attract more customers and maximize sales opportunity.

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