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Easy Weight Loss Tips For A Much More Confident You

With the rising percentage of the American population becoming more and more obese, it has never been this urgent for Americans to make significant lifestyle changes. And even more so in the states of Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas where incidences of obesity and diabetes are now at an alarming rate.

It’s no wonder that weight loss programs have been one of the priorities of both the local government and its residents. If you need weight loss programs, there are several options out there for you. In addition, you can adapt these easy-to-follow weight loss tips for a much more confident you.

1. Make water your main drink all the time.

If you have been used to drinking coffee in the morning and soda all day long, try to change that habit first and replace it with water. You can probably have one glass of juice a day but that’s it, the rest of your fluid intake must be water only. This is probably among the best weight loss tips which you must not forget. Not only does it result in weight loss, it also significantly reduces your chances of getting diabetes.

2. Instead of three to four large meals a day, shift to a five to six small meal plan.

A research study conducted years ago show that people who ate their breakfast in intervals of a few hours consumed 30% less calories for lunch than when they ate breakfast in one sitting. The reason behind this is that when calorie consumption is distributed, the body releases less insulin that helps in controlling hunger. So instead of having three large meals in one day, try splitting it into five to six ones.

3. Indulge in a high-calorie tasting but low-calorie treat.

What happens when you deprive yourself too much of the good stuff is that your cravings snowball into something that’s very hard to resist. The tendency is, after a few days or weeks of strict diet, you tend to break your regime and pig out on your cravings. So instead of aggressively curbing your diet, you can indulge in a high-calorie tasting yet low-calorie treat every once in a while. And what are the common examples of these types of food? A dozen large shrimp only has 60 calories while one tablespoon of whipped cream only has 8 calories. The technique here is to satisfy your cravings in small doses every once in a while.

4. Add a few extra thousand steps per day.

If you really want to lose weight, try to increase the number of steps you take in a day. Based on a study, sedentary people only take about 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day. If you add 2,000 steps to that, you will retain your current weight and stop gaining more. Add a few more thousand steps and you’re on your way to losing weight. Also, there are several places where you can jog and go for a walk so there’s no excuse for you to stay sedentary.

These are just some of the easy ways you can start losing weight. You may also want to find a personal trainer that can aid you in this journey and speed up the process by providing you with more weight loss tips and tricks.

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