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Early Childhood Education Towards a Wholesome Development

Children are now exposed to the school atmosphere at an earlier stage. This is because of the belief of educators that learning should actually begin at the earliest signs of knowledge or even at birth, as some would refute. It is believed that caring and educating should be a synergistic process as it comes together; hence, the mushrooming of daycares, preschools, and nurseries where children can learn the basics.
Early Childhood Education Towards a Wholesome Development
The idea is to instill in their developing brains the different aspects by which they shall learn in the future. Five basic elements comprising early childhood education are separately taught but are relative to each other.

Physical Development
Kids are highly energetic beings who move, play, and run around incessantly, which sometimes results in bruises and endless cries when in pain. However, that is an integral part of the growth process and contributes to the development of their motor skills.

Intellectual Development
Parents feel proud when their kids suddenly approach them and tell them that what they’re holding is an apple. The first sign of mental recognition gives them pure joy. Therefore, subjecting them to educational programs at an early age will develop their intellectual skills that could prove beneficial as they head on to higher learning.

Social Development
Interactions are important and that is what kids commonly lack. Spending most of their growing years at home, being subjected in a group would make them feel alienated and different. You notice that with kids who grew up not seeing a lot of people going around the house and are just left to speak with their toys. By targeting their social skills, they’ll learn to commune and embrace the values of sharing and cooperation.

Emotional Development
Kids are only aware of one way to express themselves: crying. They cry when they’re hungry, in pain, feel uneasy, try to attract attention, or just about anything. Understanding their feelings is important and it makes them reach a point of realization at an early stage. It would give them a sense of awareness about their own feelings and how to handle situations which require a particular emotion. Eventually, they’d know when to laugh at their favorite TV show or handle a bump in the head without too much shrieking.

Creative Development
You’ll notice that kids have different sets of skills and inclinations, and by exposing them to the arts, be it music, story-telling, drawings, or occasional trips to the zoo, parents will be able to identify what their child is particularly interested in. This could be useful as they grow up, and can help them decide what extracurricular activity to participate in at the higher educational levels.

These development processes are important for children’s growth as a whole, and that is what early childhood education is trying to address.

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