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Diet Schedule for Individuals Who Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The gastric sleeve surgery is a medical procedure involving the removal of a large section of the stomach. The remaining portion is then converted into a sleeve shape, thus, the name gastric sleeve. This procedure is done on individuals who have a hard time losing weight in a short period of time. Obese people normally undergo this kind of weight-loss procedure.
Diet Schedule for Individuals Who Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery
After the surgery, the patient is instructed by the surgeon to follow a strict diet in order for the procedure to be more effective. Eating solid foods right away after the procedure should be avoided. Ideally, starting with liquid foods and gradually going to pureed foods, soft foods and finally going back to a normal diet is the way to go.

Here is the usual diet schedule that is given by most doctors. These should be followed closely after the sleeve gastrectomy surgery:

Day 1 and 2 – The patient is only allowed to take food in liquid forms such as chicken or beef stock, and beverages that are sugar-free like herbal tea. Coffee and citrus juices irritate the stomach so it is advised to avoid consuming these for the meantime.

Day 3 to Week 2 – During this period, the patient continues to consume liquid food and is now allowed to take sugar-free milk products like soy milk, skim milk, and plain yogurt, to name a few. The doctor requires protein shakes as well to help maintain strength. Protein shakes are a good source of amino acids.

Week 3 to Week 8 – At this phase, the doctor instructs the patient to start consuming pureed food. Vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs can be pureed through a food processor. Also, low-fat cream soup is recommended. Protein shakes should be continued even during this phase. Some patients may be intolerant to pureed foods, in such cases, it is best to continue on a liquid diet for the meantime.

Week 9 to Week 12 – By this time, the patient is allowed to eat soft foods. Vegetables, fruits, scrambled eggs, and boneless baked fish are examples of soft foods. The proper meal spacing required is four to five hours apart. Again, protein shakes should be taken continuously during this recovery period.

Month 4 – The patient can slowly go back to a normal diet, however, it should be noted that there are some foods like the greasy ones that can still irritate the stomach. It must be ensured that the patient eats his food slowly. It is easy to overindulge on foods that the patient missed eating; however, eating too much is not advisable.

Following this food intake schedule may seem difficult. But it will pay off eventually. After all, the goal of the gastric sleeve surgery is to help obese people achieve weight loss in a faster way.

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