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Dare to have the Top 5 most stressful jobs?

Would you want to apply for the Top 5 most stressful jobs? But what are these jobs? Fear not because if you truly love what you do, stress will take care of itself.

Most Stressful Job #5 – Police Officer


For the 5th spot, we have Police officer jobs. As they report for duty, they face the unknown, putting their life at risk. Each day, even simple lawbreaking events may turn into dangerous shootouts. What is not stressful about that?

Most Stressful Job #4 – Commercial Airline Pilot


Commercial airline pilot jobs take the 4th spot. Hundreds of people entrust their lives to the pilots as they fly the plane. With a huge accountability for whatever problems that may occur, it can be stressful enough for them despite having a 6-figure annual salary.

Most Stressful Job #3 – Firefighter


Firefighter jobs take the 3rd spot. With having to face crisis at different levels each time, firefighters cannot deny how stressful it can be to do their job. With the working conditions that put their lives at risk, they need to have a presence of mind to avoid overwhelming themselves.

Most Stressful Job #2 – Surgeon


For the 2nd spot, Surgeons have every responsibility and accountability for one’s life. It entails doing what is good and avoiding harm to patients, making every surgeon’s decisions count. And what more can be stressful than having to be fully responsible for that?

Most Stressful Job #1 – Soldier


Enlisted military personnel takes the 1st spot in the Top 5 most stressful jobs in the world. Being in war entails a lot of courage and effort to defend not only the country but also themselves as the though of being killed in action lingers. Before doing so, basic and comprehensive trainings are done, requiring every ounce of strength a military personnel has. But physical stress is nothing when compared to mental stress since it is more difficult to deal with the troubles of the mind.

Now with all of these, can you think of a reason why these jobs should not be included in the Top 5 most stressful jobs?

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