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Dare to buy the Top 5 Most Expensive Animals?

Did you ever wonder what the world’s Top 5 most expensive animals are? If you have the passion for animals, or just thinking of something to do with your $100,000plus money, then you may want to check out this list because why not?

white lion cub

Most Expensive Animal #5 – White Lion Cubs

Let’s start with the 5th most expensive animal – the White Lion Cubs. These lions cost about $138,000. Because of its recessive trait derived from a mutation, these lions appear white. With only around 300 of them left living, the Global White Lion Protection Trust provides them with natural environment to help with their survival. With approximately $155,000 cost, Sir Lancelot

encore cloned dogs

Most Expensive Animal #4 – Encore (cloned dog)

Encore takes the 4th spot. After losing Edgar and Nina Otto’s dog because of cancer, the couple decided to clone its DNA, making Sir Lancelot Encore as the award-winning result at the Bio-arts auction held in San Francisco.

tibetan mastiff

Most Expensive Animal #3 – Tibetan Mastiffs

The Tibetan Mastiff is next in line. This dog breed is one of the largest breeds around the world. They are known to be protective and considered as “guardians of farm animals.” Amazingly, Tibetan Mastiffs do not have an unpleasant odor unlike other dog breeds. With these qualities, it becomes the 3rd most expensive animal which costs approximately $582,000.

holstein cow

Most Expensive Animal #2 – Miss Missy (Black and White Holstein cow)

For the 2nd spot, Miss Missy, a black and white Holstein cow, got its title from being the Grand Champion of the Western Fall National Show in 2009. Because of this, people wanted to buy her and ended up being sold for $1,200,000.

green monkey

Most Expensive Animal #1 – Green Monkey

And for the 1st spot in our Top 5 most expensive animals list, Green Monkey deserves its title being worth $16,000,000 even only at 2 years old. This Green Monkey is actually a race horse currently owned by Demi O’Byrne but is already officially retired last 2008.

With up to several million dollars as their price, it is no doubt that these are indeed the Top 5 most expensive animals in the world. Would you dare buy one?

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