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Creating Attractive Promotional Flyers

In this competitive time, business owners need to make an effort to get noticed. That is where advertising and promotions come into the picture. Even in the midst of technology, printed advertising is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. You can advertise on billboards, or pay for space in a newspaper or magazine but that is going to cost you a little fortune. If you are a small business owner and you want to utilize printed advertising, then the promotional flyer is the way to go.
Creating Attractive Promotional Flyers
Promotional flyers are printed advertisements which are handed out, posted on bulletin boards, placed on cars, posted on poles, or slipped under doors. They vary in size depending on the information it contains.

Promotional flyers are easy to create and are affordable. You can approach a graphic designer to design your flyers. Once you are satisfied with the whole layout, you can have it printed for a small fee. If you are on a tight budget and you possess some graphic designing skills, you can create your own flyers.

Whether you hire a graphic designer to create your flyers or you design them yourself, there are guidelines on creating attractive promotional flyers.

· Write a headline that attracts attention. Your headline should speak to the potential customers and address their needs. The reader should be able to say, “This is what I need.”
· Communicate benefits, not the features of your product or the service you offer. Your flyer should answer the question, “How can the product or the service offered solve the readers’ problems or make their life better?”
· A call to action which encourages the readers to act fast is important, such as a special promotion for a limited time or a free gift for the first 10 responders. The word FREE is a very effective word in marketing.
· Don’t forget to include all your contact information in the promotional flyer: phone numbers, email address, website, and all other pertinent contact information.
· Use vibrant colors for your flyer paper such as bright yellow, pink, orange, or blue to catch attention. White is a dull color for a flyer.
· Use the right images to illustrate your product. Simple illustrations are ideal to convey the message quickly.
· Avoid fancy script fonts unless they are clear, and the color of your type should be thick and readable against the background.
· Get your message across in as few words as possible. Use words that will get your potential customers’ attention, such “special” and “discounts”.
· Design a simple but effective flyer. Keep it clean and to the point. Use graphics which are small and related to the products you are promoting.
· Maximize your flyer. Use both sides of the paper.

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