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Creating a Salon-Spa Ambience with the Right Equipment

A salon or spa is about ambience just as much as it is about personal services. In fact, creating the right ambience is a crucial part of what your service is. Your clients need to feel both pampered and transported to a safe, fragrant, and far-off place.

And so, when starting your own salon or spa business, the two biggest cash outlays you have to make fall under interior design and equipment purchases. Equipment and furnishings, in particular, are crucial. These need to add to the appealing salon and spa ambience while enabling your employees to provide caring and efficient service to your clients.

A typical salon-spa offers a wide range of cosmetic services, including massages, facials, body masks and skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair perms and styling, hair coloring, and hair removal. With such a range, stylish salon and spa equipment become vital tools of the trade.

Stylish Furnishings

Where do you begin? Start with your furniture. Spa and hair salon furniture actually “carry” the bulk of your establishment’s “spa ambience” (and it never works without these). Your furniture needs to be durable, functional, comfortable, and incredibly stylish—and you must never use furniture that does not have all four qualities, or your business branding suffers!

Map out your range of services and what furniture it will require. Apart from sinks, showers, bathtubs, lights, tables, chairs, lounge chairs, divans, couches, and massage beds, what specialized furniture might your services need? Which area of your business space will it occupy, and how big or small should these be?

Then establish what particular style and “personality” your spa-salon should have. How will this manifest in the particular “look” and design of your furnishings? There should be one perceivable and consistent style across all pieces. Figure out where you’ll purchase the furnishings, and plan your budget accordingly.


What particular, specialized equipment will your salon-spa services require? Depending on what your services are, these can range from simple hair dryers, nail dryers, and airbrush machines, to Jacuzzis, hydrotherapy showers, mist applicators, and tanning beds. Again, even these equipment will have to be stylish, if not minimalist, so these won’t visually clash or overwhelm your chosen furnishings.

However, think deeper. What other equipment are crucial to business operations, and will make your spa-salon services even more appealing to your clients? Typical additions will likely include air conditioners, computers, telephones, credit card processors, Wi-fi, fire alarms, water dispensers, coffee makers, juicers, blenders, and even clear-glass display refrigerators for storing and selling. Innocuous as some of these equipment might seem, typical salon-spa clients pay attention to them as well. Like all the rest, all these need to be efficient, durable–yet stylish!

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