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Create Your Own Beach Themed Wedding

The beach. Oh, just imagine spending the day walking along the shores and enjoying the sand and sea. And how charming, elaborate and romantic it would be to have a beach themed wedding. It’s a dream come true for most couples who are open to the idea of holding a non-traditional wedding – that is, holding it in a church. A beach themed wedding sets a different kind of mood for the whole ceremony.
beach themed wedding
From the wedding rites to the reception or even an indoor wedding with a beach theme, every detail would need to be taken into consideration to set up the ideal ambiance. That includes the weather or season (yeah, even that). From the aisle to the reception, matching everything is key to creating the perfect atmosphere. Let your creativity and artistic juices flow, plan ahead so you won’t have to feel rushed.

If you opt to incorporate your indoor or beachfront wedding with a beach theme, you’ll have to start planning with the decor. There are many ways on how to create a more specific beach themed wedding. Among the different beach motifs or styles to choose from are the conventional beachside resort, tropical island, Hawaiian, tiki, and, nautical. The color design will give an overall effect or feel for the whole decorations.
wedding decors
Let’s go through some ideas for the beach themed wedding you are planning. For a tropical theme, make it colorful with red, orange, yellow and other bright shades. Hibiscus, orchids and other tropical flowers add character to the whole set up. For a more Hawaiian look (if you choose to have a Hawaiian theme), the entourage and guests can wear leis around their necks.

Should you and your fiancé want to have a beach themed wedding with a touch of nautical feel, you will use more of white and navy blue colors. Now, for a customary beachside wedding, incorporate sandy white, sky blue and vibrant green to your decorations.
Don’t forget to use decors which you can readily find from the beach – seashells. It is essential to any beach themed wedding. Bring your designs into life, it’ll be as if you are celebrating the most important moment in a picturesque location. A superb way to light up the occasion is by using tiki torches. It will surely add appeal to your sunset wedding. Be careful not to overdo the decorations if you will hold your wedding at the beach. It will make it a lot less authentic. Carefully place your accent pieces in strategic areas to accentuate your chosen beach themed wedding. Tiki-inspired decorations along with natural materials like bamboo and grass used to build a hut can provide an ideal shelter to serve food and drinks.

Commemorate your momentous day in your home after the wedding. Include some beach-themed furnishings as well as a photo album or frame to place your pictures. You’ll be reminded of the beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony you have had.

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