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Crazy Travel Destination: A Remote Piece of Heaven

Hello to all you wanderlust travellers! Looking for a great new travel destination? Can’t decide where next to go? Backpacking has now been made easy with low-budget airlines—you can go absolutely anywhere conveniently and comfortably. (Can you imagine travelling thousands of miles away by boat? Ugh!) Well, speaking of, you can’t always travel to your desired destinations by plane. Sometimes, some places require you to go on a grand, crazy and balls-y journey before they let you cross the finish line and into their beautiful haven.

We’ve scraped up three of the most jaw dropping places that will require you equally jaw dropping travel—but hey, if it’s worth it, why not?

Crazy Travel Destination 1: Masoala National Park, Madagascar

travel destination 1

Blame DreamWorks for making us wish to visit this beautiful island!

How to get there: Take a flight to Paris. From there, take anther flight to Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo. And If you are really looking for an adventure and want to see the national park you will have to ride a—are you ready? Cargo ship! Yikes! But we hear it’s all totally worth it. Who knows? You’ll find yourself a ripped hottie while hitching rides.

Crazy Travel Destination 2: Nauru

travel destination 2

This beautiful island country in Micronesia is the home of miles and miles of untouched white-sand beaches. Now, who doesn’t want a slice of that heaven?

How to get there: First head out to sunny Brisbane! There, you will be able to ride Nauru’s national airline that flies from Brisbane to Nauru from once a week. Yes, once a week. You may even have a layover in Solomon Islands going to Nauru. Also, good luck making your way to the hotel since we hear that in the whole country, they only have one registered taxi driver!

Crazy Travel Destination 3: Antarctica

travel destination 3

Who doesn’t have this pretty baby on their bucket list? Penguins and seals? Count us in!

How to get there: First step to Antarctica is going to Buenos Aires in Argentina. After that, you’ll have to book a flight to Ushuaia. From there you will have to go to their village port and you will ride a ship that will help you pass through the Drake Passage and into the land of animals with happy feet!

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