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Craving for Strawberries? Make it Much Yummier with Chocolate Dip

How lovely it is to feast on a nice-looking dessert, especially if it has a sauce or dip such as strawberries with a chocolate dip. Strawberries already have an awesome taste to begin with, but when you add chocolate on it,it will become a magnificent treat.
Craving for Strawberries? Make it Much Yummier with Chocolate Dip
You will only need strawberries, chocolate chips suitable for melting and your imagination to give the dessert a classier look. Here are the steps for making this delectable treat.

● First, you need to prepare the strawberries. Don’t wash it because it has soft texture that can easily be destroyed. You can easily clean them by laying it into a clean cloth. Roll it up in the cloth then shake it gently. Eventually, the cloth will catch all the dirt and grit of the strawberries. After cleaning the strawberries, dry them well because the chocolate will not stick to them if they’re still wet.
● Next step is to line the cooking sheet with some wax paper. But if you don’t have it, then any parchment paper is okay. Make sure that the cooking sheet is huge enough because strawberries will be placed there.
● After that, you should melt the chocolate. You can use a double boiler to melt it but make sure that you don’t burn the chocolate. However, if you don’t have a double boiler, then saucepan will be enough. Just place 3/4 cup of water. Place a heatproof bowl or much smaller saucepan inside and place the chocolate chips. Turn on the stove at lower heat and stir occasionally. However, avoid any condensation or water from getting into the chocolate or it will become very difficult to work with. You can also use milk chocolate or dark chocolate.
● Next, check the chocolate. If few pieces of chocolates have already melted, then turn off the stove to avoid the chocolate from being burned. Let it form a condensation. Stir the last few chocolates to melt, then use a wooden spoon to turn the chocolate smooth and creamy.
● The fifth step is to dip a single strawberry into the melted chocolate until it’s completely coated. Put in on the cookie sheet to make it cool. Repeat the same method until all the strawberries are covered with chocolate.
● Next, store it in a cool place to make the chocolate merge with the strawberry.
● Seventh step is removing the strawberries inside the fridge. Don’t hold them or else your body heat will melt them. Transfer it immediately into a serving container.
● Lastly, place it in a good-looking container and serve.

You will surely enjoy this gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. It is easy to make and very affordable. This is the perfect dessert if you are to hold a party.

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