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Cooking for Two? Make It a Foodie Event

If you and your loved one are gourmet addicts, you might want to try your hand at cooking for two. And if you two are pretty good at it, you can eventually turn it into an income-generating venture. But first, here’s why cooking for two would be an ideal shared activity for you and your partner.

Quality Together-Time

You need to eat. And to eat, of course, you need to cook. Between that and other mundane but necessary daily activities of life, you and your loved one will find it a time-consuming, expensive struggle to make memorable romantic “downtimes” or moments for yourselves.

With a little patience, persistence, and teamwork, you can each take turns cooking for two, first with simple comfort food dishes that both of you are familiar with, then eventually moving onto more experimental or gourmet eats—whatever your tastes and budget can allow. Don’t belittle plain kitchen work as “unromantic.” It may look that way on the surface, but the accumulated time the two of you spend working with one another actually helps deepen the familiarity between you, into a bond that goes beyond mere romance.


It’s because cooking for two entails learning how to work together. Teamwork is a much-needed real-life skill in romantic relationships that won’t ever get honed if you two stick to the usual vacations and dates.

And the more delicious or complicated your dinner is, the more the two of you will have to learn to create a proper division of tasks. Who does the groceries, and who does the “mise en place” or cleaning and preparation of foods (cutting, chopping, shredding, and measuring) for cooking? And who does the actual cooking? These need to be clear. And it also helps if you regularly switch roles for every meal or dish. This sort of activity will help you get used to working together as a team in all other aspects of your life, and not just the kitchen!

Building Shared Memories

Part of being close to someone is having shared memories of doing things together, both ordinary and extraordinary. It’s these memories that stay with you when you reach old age. And the strongest memories are those which include a great sensory experience as well as emotional and spiritual meaning. Cooking the best meal for yourself and your loved one is one activity that certainly fits this description. A good loving, conversation—and of course, a naughty loving romp in the end—preceded by a delicious meal, is definitely something to remember for the rest of your life.

One little tip: if you’re already married and have kids, you might want to hire a sitter, or send your kids off to Grandma’s during the times the two of you cook for one another. Or, literally get a room with a kitchen at a hotel.

Good Enough to Tweet

With a little savvy, the two of you can even turn your cooking activities into extra income. You can complement your cooking activities by learning how to do food photography and food styling. Then you can put up a website, open a Facebook fan page, or create a Twitter or Instagram account to post your recipes, photos, and other musings. You can later on attract a public following, and eventually attract paying advertisers. Your simple romantic dinner cooking activities becomes a way of creating content for your account or website.

If you guys are talented enough and have the video production equipment, you can even begin making videos (learning some video production skills in the process). There are more opportunities to make money and network for even more money if you get yourselves a YouTube account, and start posting cooking videos. If you generate enough subscribers and views, you become a YouTube content partner and receive a cut of their regular advertising income.

Note: If you decide to “cash in” on your cooking activities, do it with care and avoid disclosing personal details that will make you uncomfortable later on—in case you two lovebirds become famous!

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