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Conspiracy Theory: Fact or Fiction?


Conspiracy theories come popping out every now and then. Heck! They have been floating around for generations and we still don’t even know if any of them are true or not. Whatever the case, only one thing is true: they really make you think. (And they are such a good read!)

Here are a few conspiracy theories we have collated over the years:


Conspiracy Theory #1 – CIA and AIDS

A lot of rumors went around claiming that the CIA created AIDs to wipe out all the gay and minorities. Yikes! That’s pretty harsh, don’t you think? A lot of notable people have even supported this theory. Did the US government really create the virus in their labs and deliberately injected them on the homosexual? Hmm.


Conspiracy Theory #2 – The Holocaust

Even though all your history books will show otherwise, some theorists have reason to believe that the number of Jews that were killed during the second world war was greatly exaggerated. And all those photographs showing skinny and dying Jews are really pictures of the Germans and Czechs that were sick of typhus. So why did they have us believe that Hitler had all the Jews killed?


Conspiracy Theory #3 – Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The Da Vinci Code may have planted this conspiracy theory in our head but it has been around for a long time! It claims that Jesus wasn’t as holy as we thought he was since he had been kissing Mary before they got “married.” Now if that were true, we don’t know what to believe in anymore!


Conspiracy Theory #4 – Fake Moon Landing

Doubters of the first moon landing will have you believe that it was all staged by the U.S. Government for they feared that the Russians would beat them to it. Incidentally, both Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to act out the mission to have us believe that they were taking a giant leap for mankind.

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Conspiracy Theory #5 – Secret Societies

Some theorists believe that the world is run by a number of elite few that is part of a secret society. You know the kind: rich, powerful and famous. You all know the Illuminati and Freemasons, right? Do you think that our lives run the way it does because of all the plots they have set out for the world? Interesting.

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