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Conducting Performance Reviews on Employees

Making individual performance review on every employee is essential. This can help any company and business in growing and developing itself. Aside from that, conducting performance reviews will also help employees to work better and harder. This prompts them to do well, especially when they are compensated for their hard work.

conducting performance reviews on employees

In doing individual performance review, you need to schedule the interview ahead of time. Inform the employee of the meeting and tell him the purpose of the meeting. You can also tell the employee to do a self-review on what he thinks are his strengths and weaknesses.

Start your meeting with a light conversation. This helps in making the employee calm and open up during your discussion. You wouldn’t want your employee to feel pressured about the individual performance review. You can ask him about things that you remembered during your past interview. You can ask how his kids are going or if he is still jogging regularly. This can be helpful in breaking the ice.

Try not to make the review stressful for the employees. Make them comfortable and at ease with your questions. Use the same questionnaires for every individual performance review if possible. This is a good idea especially if you will be doing the performance evaluation regularly. Consistency will definitely make every meeting easier and simpler so the employees can know what to expect.

If you already have a rating of the employee’s performance, tell him right away about it. Explain its components and how the rating was given. Add why he had such rating, especially if there was a particular event that led to that rating.

A two-way feedback system is also preferred. Ask the employee for feedback about his performance. You can inquire if he agrees with the rating and his reasons for having a different viewpoint. You can also ask how he can improve the performance and have a better rank. This will help him in analyzing his own performance and will make him do better on the next evaluation.

Write down the important points during the meeting. Specify the rating given to the employee and the questions he asked. Include the things you’ve observed in the meeting and how it went. Also add your evaluation and note if a follow-up will be required during the next individual performance review.

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