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Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Conducting a performance review that is good, efficient, and effective starts with expectations that are clear in terms of the reasons why it is being done. One good reason would be for the annual employee evaluation where rewards, promotions, and bonuses are based on the organization’s and individual’s performance. This may be done by the supervisor, even prior to the actual performance evaluation itself by making regular reviews and observations, documenting employee behavior or encounters wherein an employee was given big and challenging tasks.

conducting better performance reviews

The information and observations gathered are also valuable in evaluating if the employee is already a candidate for promotion. Another reason would be to render information that are useful for the career growth, development, and improvement of an employee. But to be able to effectively do that and get much better results, the performance review must first be grounded in trust, honesty and respect.

Each and everyone of the employees are unique, having individual differences in terms of skills, knowledge, abilities and the like. With these, the managers and employees should clarify and set performance expectations. Through this, the supervisor can measure the effectiveness of the employees. Conducting a performance review provides an on-going series of discussions between the supervisor and the employee, having the following expectations:

1. The role of the supervisor being an objective judge of the employee’s performance and ability to coach the employee in achieving better results.

2. Ownership of results by the employee.

3. A two-way feedback system where the employee is given the chance to analyze his/her strengths and weaknesses.

4. To share the conceptualization or development of future visions and goals.

Conducting a performance review gives the employee and the supervisor the chance to discuss about what happened in the past, the results and the learnings gained from each event. The content of the review is about what to retain from the successes of the past and what to alter or change for the future in order to accomplish the best possible results. With common or mutual understanding of both the expectations and the desired results and outcomes, the employee and the supervisor create shared values leading to greater chances of success and improvement in their respective sectors, adding and aiding the organization towards the achievement of its vision.

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