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Complete Your Weight Loss Transformation with a Body Lift

Restricting yourself to an all-green diet can be daunting, if not tedious. Throw in a stringent exercise regime into the mix and you might be well on your way to the ER for a heartburn. The truth is that most overweight people harbor excess fatty tissue that puts a heavy strain on their cardiovascular systems, and as such, subject them to a rather painful journey on the way to losing weight.
Complete Your Weight Loss Transformation with a Body Lift
What’s worse – shortly after a massive weight loss is incurred through the miraculous intervention of bariatric surgery, then comes the horrendous sight of sagging and loose skin dangling off the lower section of the upper arms or thighs. But don’t fret – if you’re caught in this predicament, modern medicine has bestowed a divine answer to all your humble prayers.

Therefore, even if you are the epitome of a flabby female in your forties after undergoing a strict weight loss program, you can still regain your sculpted physique simply by undertaking a body lift. Cosmetic surgery has certainly paved the way for many miracles these days, and by choosing to take that golden step and going for a body lift, you can finally get rid of all those hideous stretch marks and excess skin wrapped around your arms and legs like deflated balloons.

Although a full body lift might sound tempting at first, there are several other smaller cosmetic procedures that might do the trick to knock your body back into its suave self. For example, if you harbor excess skin dangling off your abdominal area, then the best cosmetic surgery option for you would be to undergo a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck generally involves incisions along the hip bone to the pubic bone, whereby abdominal muscles are tightened surgically and excess skin is excised.

This will generally give your abs a slimmer and firmer look. However, if you only have loose skin dangling from your upper arms, then you might want to consider an arm lift or brachioplasty. An arm lift will require incisions along the length of the upper arm, whereby extra tissue is sloughed off and muscles are tightened by suturing them back together. Although this might achieve a less flabby outlook, visible scars often accompany this procedure, which might give an overall unsightly appeal to most individuals.

If you have skin sagging from your buttocks or thigh region, then you might want to consider a lower body lift. Incisions are usually made along the inside of the thighs but just like an arm lift, this can leave you with visible scarring as a testimony to your surgical experience. If you harbor loose breast tissue on the other hand, you might be able to undergo a breast lift or mastopexy. The cosmetologist will usually make an incision around the areola and under the breast, whereby excess tissue will be excised before sewing the skin back together to create a shapely bust.

Therefore, it is possible to regain your naturally svelte body figure after undergoing massive weight loss. All you need is a body lift, but do take note that you need to consult a reputable cosmetologist prior to undergoing any type of surgery to avoid possible complications from cropping up later.

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