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Communication Exercises to Polish Your Skills

Many people are struggling with their communication skills. Although there are some who are gifted with a silver tongue, there are others who are not that confident and calm when it comes to expressing themselves through spoken words, especially when in front of a large audience. Being able to effectively communicate can be necessary in our day-to-day lives, especially at work. However, those who feel like they’re always at a loss for words should not despair. There are ways in improving and polishing communication skills. There are effective communication exercises that you can practice in order to develop these skills.
communication exercises to polish your skills
The following are some of the effective communication exercises that are commonly used:

Pass the Message
This is a common communication exercise that teachers use in showing to children the effects of being an inattentive listener and of gossiping. However, this can also be used for the workplace and even at home. To do this exercise, the moderator will choose a phrase or a sentence that will be passed on from one person to the next, until everyone has heard it. The last person will then write the phrase. This can also be done as a game where groups will compete in being the fastest and most accurate in passing the phrase. This will teach you that relying on third parties is not good, if you want to get the real story. You need to go to the source in order to get the right information.

Four Up
This is among the effective communication exercises used to enhance a person’s non-verbal communication skills. Each person will have his own chair. For the duration of the exercise, there must be four people who will stand for 10 seconds and then sit back down. Another four people will stand up again, once the first set of four people sits down. The challenge of this exercise is that the group cannot talk, so it’s difficult for them to know who will stand up next. This exercise will show the participants that non-verbal communication is also an effective way of expressing yourself and this also strengthens the relationship of the team.

Fill in the blanks
This game is effective for those people with close relationships, like spouses, close friends, mother and child, and others. For this exercise, one will create a sentence like this: When you are ____, I feel ___. Others will then fill in the blanks with the emotion. This exercise needs honesty and understanding. Try not to blame or be angry with one another. Rather, be open and work out the problems that you have.

If you want a formal training in improving your communication skills, you can try undergoing a communication seminar. This seminar will teach you both verbal and non-verbal means of communication and how to use these in expressing yourself well. There will also be many effective communication exercises that will be conducted during the seminar. Some companies even offer this seminar to their employees in order to improve their communication and relationships at work.

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