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Common Drainage Problems That Cause Stench

Drainage problems can arise once in awhile and these can give off odors that sometimes can be too horrible to take. It’s like somebody who had just eaten a whole lot of cabbage, eggs and meat, and farted right after. In some cases such an offensive smell can get trapped unto soft furnishings that homeowners would need to call the drain repair service to fix what is really wrong and get rid of that stomach-churning smell.
Common Drainage Problems That Cause Stench
Some of the common causes for drainage systems to stench are: clogged pipes, sewage gas backup, and there are also instances where the cause can be external.

Debris from the kitchen and bathroom are the usual culprits for clogging the pipes. These wastes often get trapped anywhere between the plughole and drainage trap. Old debris can accumulate new ones and the waste is really stuck that the drainage system cannot work properly. When debris is stuck over time, rotting is expected to happen. If a plunger is not enough to clear and drain properly, try to unscrew the trap and flush out the drain. And if the stench is still there, pouring vinegar, bleach or dishwashing liquid should solve the problem. Home remedies usually work, but if the debris is too big or way too deep down in the drain, then the ideal way is to get a help from a plumber so he could use a snake to remove the obstruction from the drainage system.

A drainage system must have a U- or P-shaped section of piping beneath the equipment. Constant reservoir of water is preserved in the bend just below the drain that serves as a protective barrier so that the disgusting smell is prevented from reaching into the house from the sewers. This is likely to evaporate when an equipment is not used regularly or has not been used for quite a long time. Pouring or running little water from time to time to ensure that the reservoir is filled should be enough to solve the problem.

However, if the drainage system seems to be clear and working but the odor is still there, then it is necessary to call a licensed or qualified plumber to take a good look and check what is really wrong with the drain. The problem can lie on the outside and not inside the system itself. There are problems that could have conked out the seal of the system, thus affecting the correct flow of the drain. For example, it could be due to infiltration of tree roots or corroded pipes.

If there are other issues concerning the drainage system, the plumber would make recommendations so that the owner is aware what needs to be done. It is best that the system is always standard-compliant.

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