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Colorful Henna Flower Designs

For the present generation, having a henna tattoo means becoming hip and part of the “in” crowd. This is now one of the most popular fashion statement in the world. Many say that henna tattoos are mostly for teenagers only but some of the adults and even these teenagers’ parents opt to have one to stay stylish and trendy. Some may feel awkward with this idea because it appears taboo for them, yet a henna tattoo is a good alternative since it lasts for about three to four weeks only. It’s not permanent like that of the real tattoos so there is nothing to be worried about.
Colorful Henna Flower Designs
Since henna tattoos are in-demand nowadays, tattoo artists have stepped up and created thousands of designs to choose from. Some may prefer to have a tribal design, others may like names or animals. But the most famous of them all are those under the henna flower designs category. Henna flower designs are completed with different colors so that a variety of colorful shades are created. These colors are made from organic materials such as fruits, leaves, and other usual coloring materials. If you want it to last a little longer and make the color fiercer, the addition of sugar and oil to the glue will do the trick.

We can say that henna flower designs are among the most commonly requested designs of all times. Actually, the word henna itself is derived from the name of the plant where people get the inks used in making the tattoo. It is a plant that’s also used in nail polish, hair wool, and even leather. It has been widely used since the prehistoric era of Spain and Rome.

Most of the henna flower designs are made with reference to leaves and real life flowers to produce ideal colors. Artists usually start a henna flower design with swirls before crafting it into a more complex combination of petals. Some of the most popular types of henna flower designs are flower trails and flowers with bees on top.

This type of tattoo is well-liked by many because it can be placed in any part of the body. Women and teenagers prefer having their designs placed on their wrists or their hands. Some like it better on their neck, exposing it when wearing a ponytail. For a more seductive look, some prefer to have it placed at the back of the shoulders.

Henna tattoos are known to be non-permanent and of course, painless. But in-spite of these facts, being cautious is always recommended. Remember not to use black ink because this is proven to be harmful to your skin. This may even cause skin irritation, allergies and the like. Unnatural as it is, black henna is composed of chemicals that can cause severe skin damage. All other colors may be used except for this one. Even so, make sure that you do not have skin problems, allergies, or other skin irritations before going to the henna tattoo artist.

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