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Choosing the Right Cargo Shipping Company for You

International cargo shipping companies are a boon to businesses seeking to reach out to customers beyond their own country’s borders. This is true for big business just as it is for small to medium startups. This gives smaller business owners a wonderful opportunity to compete with bigger companies targeting the same consumers.

Of course, the whole point in hiring an international cargo shipping company is to achieve bigger sales at less cost than it would take through other means (i.e., maintaining store branches or distribution system abroad). Remember this when selecting a shipping company for your business export and import needs.

Know what they can and cannot do

Each international shipping company has a set of fine-print terms and conditions for each and every service or transport solution they provide. Whether it’s shipping dry goods or perishable items, or shipping it via land, air, or ocean, these terms and conditions describe in detail what the company is willing and able to do. It also details what they will be responsible for, and what they are not willing to cover.

These vary from company to company. Some cargo shipping companies take responsibility for the safe transport of your goods, down to the last detail (e.g., packing and internal cushioning), from loading and unloading, to actual delivery to the intended recipient. Others, however, simply cover loading, unloading, and delivery, and will leave it up to you to pack your goods safely. The more details covered, the more it may cost. So choose which company you can afford to rely on.

In addition, not all shipping companies are perfect. What their terms may look like on paper isn’t an indication of how well they render their services in real time—some may prove still incapable of doing precisely what they claim they can. Make sure you do your research and ask around, to find out which company is more reliable, before deciding who to hire.

Strategize for the best deals

In general, the cost of cargo shipping is determined by weight and by the type of cargo. There are price differences between shipping companies, across weights and cargo types, so take the time to examine them. (Tip: Online freight shipping services often have a “shipping cost calculator” feature on their website, where you can analyze how much your particular shipment might cost, in different currencies.) Choose the company and the particular currency that proves to be the most cost effective.

You can also combine international bulk cargo shipping and storage with cheaper localized delivery services. This will depend on what is appropriate for your particular product. When shipping costs are spread across each unit product, it could come out cheaper for you, and your customers as well.

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