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Choosing Paint Colors for Your Interior

There are endless possibilities with picking paint colors for your home’s interior. There’s just a wide variety of color schemes in a paint store having different shades for you to choose from. Many people think that picking paint colors can be difficult and confusing, especially when there are just so many colors and shades available.
choosing colors for your interior
Picking paint colors that make you feel happy or at ease should be your priority, as colors set the mood for most people. Think about the places that you like and are comfortable staying. Which places do you feel peaceful and which do you feel energized? Take a photo of every place, room, or restaurant that you’re in. Take note of the feelings and emotions that you associate with these places. Compile them and see what makes the places that make you feel energized have in common. Do the same thing with the pictures of places that make you feel peaceful or those places that make you feel hungry. Observe the colors of the rooms and places. This can be a great idea in picking paint colors.

Aside from choosing colors for the mood that they give you, pick colors that you think matches with your personality and the style of the house. You don’t have to stick to neutral colors if you don’t like them. You have to take into account your preferences and your home’s style and architecture. If you like bold colors, then go for it. Just remember that you may get bored of it in the weeks or months to come. When picking paint colors, do not be afraid to try out new colors. Most homeowners are scared to try a different color from what they’re used to. It is important to try out and test the color that you feel comfortable in.

It’s advisable to have a sense of continuity for the colors of your home’s interior. This gives it uniformity and a universal theme that you can work on. Pick two colors and just mix different accent colors for the other rooms. This way, you have a color that holds together the entire home while the bedrooms can have different colors.

Consider the size of your house and the rooms when choosing colors. If you have smaller rooms, painting cooler colors will bring the walls out and fake a bigger space. Warmer tones and colors are perfect for big rooms, which help in bringing the walls in. You can use colors in creating a sense of visual balance. Aside from that, try to balance the colors of the art pieces in the room with the walls.

If you want to be extra sure of the color of your choice, you can try to get three shades of that exact color. One should be lighter and the other darker. Get sample swatches and test it in the dark corner and then near the window. You can also use these swatches to test during daytime and nighttime. This can help you in finally making your choice.

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