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Choosing a Modern Look for Your Kitchen

A well-designed kitchen is one of the best investments to make for your home. Since the kitchen is the main gathering area of any household, it is important to have a kitchen that is comfortable with a design that is modern, inviting, and of course, beautiful.
 Choosing a Modern Look for Your Kitchen
With many innovations today, there are so many ways to design a kitchen and make it appear exactly how the owner would want it to look. Today’s top modern kitchen design trends are fun, quirky, and are meant to suit different lifestyles and personalities.

Modern designs are always going to be in. People want their kitchens to look like the showrooms or those that get featured in home design magazines. Modern designs are usually minimalist. The walls or floors may be textured but the countertops are sleek and have a clean look. The lighting is an important element in modern designs as there are many light fixtures that could add character and enhance the look of any kitchen.

Traditional kitchen designs follow European provinces such as Tuscany, Provence, Normandy and the like. They have more elements compared to modern designs. The lighting comes from how the windows and doors are designed. Instead of textures and contrasting colors, design elements include paintings, table centerpieces, and fun colors. The texture can be found in the kitchen cabinets too. There may be lamps added as well as tiles with intricate detailing. The materials used may also add to the look and feel of the kitchen such as bricks, tiles, and the material used for the countertop.

There are also commercial kitchens which are more suited for chefs. Commercial kitchens make use of more functional materials like stainless steel and granite for the countertops since they are stain proof and very durable. The entire kitchen space is meant for cooking and preparations so there is usually a lot of space like a big counter in the center or long countertops in all sides of the kitchen.

Retro kitchen designs are another fun option and what makes it fun is the selection of appliances that will make the kitchen look more retro. The layout is usually very simple and this is what makes the appliances stand out. For appliances to look retro, they are usually in bold colors or have bulkier designs compared to the sleek and minimalist modern designs.

Architectural designs are also very popular nowadays. They make the kitchen seem more unique and this can be very fun for people who like quirky and ingenious designs. The faucets, cabinets, and lighting fixtures are the ones that enhance the look and give the design an architectural feel.

As the kitchen is one place where you spend most of your time as a homemaker, why not make it cater to your taste, style, and personality?

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