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Cheek Implants and Orbital Rim: What Do They Do?

As a person ages, facial changes are inevitable. People start to lose the fullness in the middle of their faces as well as the prominence of their cheeks. Your eyes will start to look more hollow and the cheeks will gradually look flatter. This would be apparent as you get a little older.
Cheek Implants and Orbital Rim: What Do They Do?
These changes are primarily caused by the loosening the skin and the weakening of the ligaments attaching the skin to the bones. Loosening of the skin can also appear as folds that usually hang down from the eyelid to the cheek.

Loose skin in the cheek and the lower rim of the eye socket results in a hollowed-out look. Experts say that this is actually a tear-trough deformity. A tear-trough deformity is described as the depression between the nose and the eye. There is also the under projection of the cheek and the orbital rim, which creates a flatter bone profile in the facial area.

To improve the deflation of the cheek and add volume, inserting cheek implants can be done. Cheek implant, as the name implies, is done by re-inflating the cheek area and by placing an implant under it. The implant will lift the cheek tissues back up, allowing the patient to have their cheek prominence restored.

Cheek implantation is done by making small incisions in the mouth, specifically in the upper gum line. Incisions are done inside the mouth so no external scars and incisions can be seen after. Implants can also be placed through an incision in the lower eyelid but this has been said to be more risky as the procedure might place the implants too high. Risks of infections are very minimal when incisions are done in the mouth.

Basically, cheek implantation is a simple surgery that provides a noticeable improvement in the face, giving the patient a more rejuvenated look. The face will also look younger after a cheek augmentation since the implants are known to help reduce the chances of future sagging. Enhancing the cheek can also be done at the same time as performing a facelift. The result will be more significant with the two procedures combined.

On the other hand, problems in the orbital rim can be solved through an orbital rim implant. This implants is placed through a lower eyelid incision which is more direct to the bone. The orbit rim implantation lifts up the periosteum of the bone, which is necessary in order to forbid the edges of the implant from being seen. The best way to have good results with the orbital rim implants is to not overdo it. A good result entails a subtle change instead of something dramatic. These implants do not have to be very thick. Making it visible in the eye area is enough to make you look beautiful.

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