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Checking Your Cardiovascular Health

Last year has been a great one for cardiovascular health. The year has been filled with various advances in prevention, treatment, and less risky procedures. Here are some breakthrough that have caused great impact to patients and healthcare experts when it comes to knowledge on cardiovascular health:
 Checking Your Cardiovascular Health
Transcutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement and Mitral Valve Repair
Aortic Valve Replacement: Nowadays there are several options available for those who have a leaky heart. Expendable valves can be inserted in the heart through the legs. This concept is similar to coronary artery stents but the tools now include a fully functioning heart valve. As per studies, having a new valve inserted helped people with cardiovascular conditions to live longer.

Mitral Valve Repair: Shortness of breath develops and heart muscles weaken when the mitral valves fails to close. Through the researches done in the year, it is now possible to just insert a small clip on the valve through insertion on the leg artery that is advanced through the heart. The clip holds the mitral valve together to prevent it from leaking.

Percutaneous Left Atrial Appendage Closure to Prevent Strokes
For people who cannot take a blood thinner (for those with stroke), there have been very limited options available for treatment, that is until last year. A device has recently been developed that can be inserted on the left vein into the heart that seals off the appendage. This results to lower risks of stroke from either a bleed or a clot.

Lifestyle Changes Really Can Reduce Atrial Fibrillation
Atrial fibrillation, a chronic heart disease, is one that had been focused on by many researches. As per the studies, use of catherer ablation has shown long-term success rates but not entirely one hundred percent curative. Last year though, it has been found that exercise and a shift to a healthier lifestyle can also help cure the disease. Many participants of the study have even showed significant improvement. In other words, standard care to the body is what one must aim to achieve.

Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Increases Heart Disease Risk
Radiation therapy which is used to help spread and cure cancer still has its side effects. Tissue exposure to radiation can injure the coronary arteries and veins which can cause the weakening of the heart. More than two thousand left breast cancer patients have participated in the study. Results showed risk of coronary artery disease at 0 to 4 years after radiation to be higher by 16.3 percent and 15.5 percent higher after 5 to 9 years. And then the risk decreased from 1.2-8.2 percent thereafter.

The breakthrough that were discovered last year will surely help many doctors and patients become even more guided when it comes to their cardiovascular health.

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