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Cheapest VR Headsets For Smartphones

VR headsets for smartphones are going to be big this 2016. If you want to try a new experience whether in playing games or just in watching the movies you love, then you may want to check out the virtual reality (VR) these headsets could offer. This VR technology can be expensive but our list gives you the cheapest VR headsets for smartphones possible.

VR headset #5: Hodomi

cheapest vr headsets for smartphones

Hodomi VR headset is known for its comfortable face plate. It costs about £50 but it’s worth it as you get to experience 100-degree field of view without light coming through. Hodomi has adjustable lenses and could actually be set for those with far- or near-sighted vision as well. It is compatible for larger phones such as OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus.

VR headset #4: Merge VR Goggles

cheapest vr headsets for smartphones

Merge VR Goggles offer a flexible and lightweight foam for a more comfortable experience and only costs about £39.99. You just slide your smartphone into the slot found at the front part and then you’re done! This is best to use for smartphones with 4”-7” screen size.

VR headset #3:  Tepoinn (VR Shinecon)

cheapest vr headsets for smartphones

Tepoinn VR headset is compatible to use for smartphones with 3.5”-5.5” screen size such as iPhone 6s. It has dual lenses that you could adjust easily for focal length and distance. Tepoinn typically costs about £22.99.

VR headset #2: Archos VR Glasses

cheapest vr headsets for smartphones

For those smartphone users with a  mobile VR casual interest, Archos VR Glasses is for you. With only £19.99, you can already indulge yourself in an immersive experience of virtual reality. It is best used for smartphones with 4.7”-6” screen size.

VR headset #1: Google Cardboard

cheapest vr headsets for smartphones

If you’re looking for the cheapest VR headset, then you should not miss Google Cardboard as it only costs you about £3.99. This creative DIY alternative could offer you the same VR experience although functionality and comfort may not be included.

This 2016, get ready to have a whole new level of smartphone experience with these cheapest VR headsets for smartphones.

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