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Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for those on a Shoestring Budget

Parents may think that organizing birthday parties for their kids would cost so much. This can be true especially when the party is highly anticipated by many other kids. You would be pressured with looking for a theme, a location, and the party favors for the birthday party. However, there are several cheap birthday party ideas that won’t sacrifice the fun. You can create a memorable birthday party without hurting your wallet.

Limit the guest list. First, you need to make a small guest list. You wouldn’t want to have so many kids in the house and end up being overwhelmed. Just choose a few of your child’s good friends. This is a way to make the guests have as much fun as possible.


No-no to too much themed merchandise. Although having a theme for the party is what most kids want, you don’t have to go overboard. This is one of the cheap birthday party ideas you must note. You don’t need to buy party favors, plates, napkins, and invites to match your theme. You’ll only go beyond your budget when you do this. You can purchase certain themed decorations and fill in the rest with matching colors.


Compare locations. Having a home party can be cost-efficient. However, you can also hold your party at bowling alleys or pizza parlors. These places usually offer party packages that include the free use of the facilities, party favors, decorations, and location. Compare their costs. You can also visit other places with your guests, like the park of the animal shelter.


Homemade invites. By making your own invitations for the party, you add your own personal touch without spending so much. You can also involve your child in making the invites. This is definitely among the fun cheap birthday party ideas that you and your child can do. You can put a photo of your child with a sign or a bubble that says: Come to my party.


Cake party. Have the birthday party after mealtime. This reduces your expenses and kids are less likely to be cranky and hungry. You can just have ice cream and cake for your guests. Baking the cake yourself will also minimize costs. Go for simple cake recipes that you can find online. You can top it with a simple frosting and sprinkles. Add a toy that matches the theme for the cake topper.


Party favors. Having a craft party favor can keep the kids entertained while getting a party keepsake. This is one interesting cheap birthday party idea that wouldn’t cost you so much. You can ask them to bead a bracelet or make DIY picture frames while waiting for other guests. You can also make your own piñata with paper mache and balloons.


Remember, celebrating a birthday party doesn’t always equate to huge, wallet-draining spending. There are a lot of party ideas out there, even for a tight budget.

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