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Charge Your Smartphone Using Sunlight

Have you ever imagined that a day would come when all you have to do is charge your smartphone using sunlight? How convenient is that, right? Yes, this technology is not just a possibility anymore as even one smartphone company already uses solar panel screens to recharge its battery. This is Kyocera.

charge your smartphone using sunlight

Kyocera is a Japanese electronics firm and they just released a smartphone with a 5-inch display that has a “photovoltaic layer” integrated into the phone’s screen this 2016. Kyocera says the layer makes it possible to get a minute of call time from an equivalent of three minute-exposure to sunlight. This is 8 times more power-efficient than the model Kyocera launched last year. This year’s model now uses a pane sized 0.55mm that comprises the “photovoltaic layer.” Together with SunPartner, Kyocera made improvements also to the model display’s transparency. The darker the screen, the less transparent it will be. But the lesser transparent it is, the more efficient it will be in converting sunlight into energy. If you come to think about it, you may question the visual appearance of your smartphone if it has a darker screen. But guess what, Kyocera and SunPartner found just the right balance at 85 percent transparency so you won’t have to worry anymore. Sources who have tried the model says you won’t even notice it had a darker display at all. It has no effect on touchscreen responsiveness and adds no weight as well so you won’t really notice it’s actually there.

So here’s really the catch. Because of its “design-neutral” component, this solar panel screen can work on any type of phone which means you can get to charge your smartphone using sunlight, too! Kyocera says it may even cover up to 13 inches of screen. Although it does not completely replace your traditional wall charger just yet, it’s an innovative technology which can be useful especially as an alternative emergency charging tool.

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