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Catering Can Make a Difference in Your Corporate Event

Organizing a company event can be a daunting task. It is undeniably more challenging than how other people think it is. As the overall event coordinator or organizer, you have to coordinate and be on top of all aspects that are critical for the event. One wrong move could trigger a domino effect and affect the other preparations. Catering is one of the aspects of an event that can be complicated but very significant to the overall success or failure of the celebration.
Catering Can Make a Difference in Your Corporate Event
How your event will turn out to be can make or break your company’s reputation. Thus, even minor details in the catering for your corporate event should not be taken for granted. Whether you are organizing a product launch or you are celebrating your company’s anniversary, how the food tastes and how it is being served can greatly shape the impression your guests will have of your event. All companies would surely want their event guests to leave feeling happy and satisfied.

Choosing an experienced, professional and trusted catering company can save you from a lot of problems. Make sure you choose a caterer that has handled corporate events of your scale. Professional caterers are already experienced and tested in the different critical food and serving details. Check the portfolio of companies and events they have served. You can even ask for referrals or recommendations from your friends in the business. Nevertheless, for small-scale company activities, buying a la carte meals or preparing the food by yourself may be more practical.

Your caterer should be aware of how big the event will be. It is very important to inform your caterer on how many guests are expected. This is where sending out RSVP invitations would be extremely helpful because you will not just make a blind guess on how many will be coming. Of course, it is best to add a small allowance on your number so that you will not run out of food. In the same manner, it is still not advisable to overestimate because there may be a lot of spillage or leftovers.

Check your guests’ food preferences. Are you inviting guests with special nutritional or dietary preferences and requirements? The dishes in the menu should also match the profile of your guests. Some hosts may still delight at the thought of having a staff of waiters serve food to the guests but buffet set-up has become more popular nowadays. The buffet set-up can also be an opportunity for your guests to mingle with each other.

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