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Top 5 Bestselling Xbox Games you should never miss!

xbox games

Have you ever played the Top 5 bestselling Xbox games for the last eight years? You don’t know what those are, you say? Then let’s find out. Bestselling Xbox Game #5 – Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops II takes the 5th spot. With its militaristic genre, this game generated over $500 million within 24 hours of its release across US. After 5 days, it grossed $800 million. More than 7.5 million units were even sold on its launch day according to reports and went up to 13 million units in total worldwide. Bestselling Xbox ...

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Transit of Mercury Happening on May 9

transit of mercury

We people often enjoy stories of rare occurrences that happens around the globe. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? But being able to see one of these occurrences happen right before our eyes, could be a much better accomplishment. And we’re giving you one of those chances that’s to come ahead. How about giving it a shot to see the Transit of Mercury? If you’re wondering what exactly this Transit of Mercury is, this occurrence takes place when the planet Mercury comes between the Sun and the Earth, which then results for Mercury to be seen as a tiny dot moving ...

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy

spacex falcon

Start saving some cash and you might become a passenger of SpaceX Falcon Heavy and travel to – well, to space! No seriously, start saving, cause for average people like us, it might just take – I don’t know, maybe more than 60 years to actually save some cash for that trip. But let’s not get too excited about that, since SpaceX Falcon Heavy is still taking some time to wrap up before its launch, which is expected to be around April or May 2016, according to sources. The launch purpose is to demonstrate a mission without any paying customer. ...

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Apple Receives Negative Remarks due to iPhone Error 53

iphone error 53

Tech giant Apple Inc. is getting complaints from its customers concerning the rise of the iPhone Error 53. This update is not a bug but a security feature wherein the error causes one’s phone to become unusable or bricked. The iPhone Error 53 is a security update for iPhone 6 and above that bricks the phone once it detects a third-party operation that has tried to repair a busted Touch ID-enabled home button. Along with that update is an upgrade in the mobile’s OS that causes the phone to crash, thus rendering it unusable. Unfortunately, this is not a temporary ...

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Sony Xperia Z6 Release Date Coming Soon

sony xperia z6

When is the Sony Xperia Z6 release date? With Sony having its usual 6-month pattern phone release schedule, it is estimated that Z6 will be released between February and April this year. So what is with this phone and why are people looking forward to the Sony Xperia Z6 release date? Even only with few design changes, Sony maintains its simple yet elegant aesthetic feature. It has its OmniBalance, described by Sony as: “Omni means ‘all’ or ‘everywhere’ – it represents the omnipresence and the multitude of smartphone uses. This principle of OmniBalance is embodied in the design execution – ...

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iPhone 7 Rumors Now Out with New Specs!

iphone 7

As iPhone 7 rumors quickly spread, Apple fans become more and more excited about it. Even though September 2016 is its estimated release date, it is worth knowing what iPhone 7 has to offer today. One of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors include Apple’s aim to make it thinner than previous models by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and using in-cell panel technology. The iPhone 7 could then be between 6.0 and 6.5mm allowing for a sleeker appearance. With the emptied space, it will give the model more internal space for other features. For stereo audio, a second speaker may ...

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Be Green by Riding Green

hybrid car

Pollution is one of the major contributing factors to global warming. Pollution may come from the gasses released by factories and vehicles. With the increasing awareness of people regarding the direct effect of pollution to this environmental phenomenon, several environmental advocacies are created to reduce carbon footprint. There are ways to reduce carbon footprint, such as usage of hybrid cars, reducing speed, keeping the trunk clear of excess baggage, and having a good set of tires Drive a Hybrid Car Hybrid cars are promising as it uses electricity or hydrogen instead of fuel. It is considered to be environment-friendly as ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Sneak Peek

samsung galaxy s7

Another Samsung Smart phone is yet to be released this 2016. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S7 announcements are said to be revealed on February 21 while probable launch date would be on March 11. Sources have spilled some rumors about the possible specifications and new features of Galaxy S7. In terms of design, there will only be minimal changes from the Galaxy S6 design including either a 5.1 or 5.7-inch display featuring 1440×2560 pixel resolution. Some rumors have also leaked saying that a different metal type might be used to make the phone stronger yet keeping it as light as possible. ...

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Why Solar Panels are a Good Alternative Source of Energy

solar panels

Solar panels are devices that are used as an alternative source of energy. Many solar cells make up a solar panel installation, and the solar rays, which come from raw energy in the atmosphere, are absorbed by these cells. This will then be transformed to usable energy for safe use through a conversion box. Electronic gadgets, more so those that are used for industrial purposes, cannot use raw energy since it is not safe for electrical consumption. Residents are getting more and more environment-conscious which is why solar panel installation is becoming the trend for alternative energy. What’s great about ...

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Top 5 Gifts Any Gamer Would Love to Have

gifts for gamers

You happen to have a gamer addict for a best friend and he’s celebrating his birthday soon. Frantic with panic, you scour your department store for that perfect gift that will carve a smile on his face until – lo and behold! You have absolutely no idea what piece of equipment will slake his thirst each time he toggles his gaming console. Fret not, here are the top five gifts for gamers that will most certainly appeal to your techie junkie friend, and keep his gaming going strong all night long. 1. Gunnar Technology Eyewear Every gamer’s worst nightmare besides ...

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