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Samsung Foldable Phone Rumors and Release Date

samsung foldable phone rumors and release date

We have been hearing countless rumors for about a year or two now about Samsung’s foldable phone, named also as Project Valley or Project V. Others also consider it under the phablet category but Samsung prefers calling it the “smartlet” (a smartphone/tablet hybrid). So what could we expect to have with this foldable phone? Past rumors say that Samsung is working on two prototype testing using Snapdragon 620 and 820 processors. Both of which has 3GB RAM, a micro-SD slot, and a rear camera. But what we are really looking forward to is the “foldable” feature of the phone itself. ...

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Charge Your Smartphone Using Sunlight

charge your smartphone using sunlight

Have you ever imagined that a day would come when all you have to do is charge your smartphone using sunlight? How convenient is that, right? Yes, this technology is not just a possibility anymore as even one smartphone company already uses solar panel screens to recharge its battery. This is Kyocera. Kyocera is a Japanese electronics firm and they just released a smartphone with a 5-inch display that has a “photovoltaic layer” integrated into the phone’s screen this 2016. Kyocera says the layer makes it possible to get a minute of call time from an equivalent of three minute-exposure ...

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Apple Watch 2 Rumors and Release Date

apple watch 2 rumors and release date

Avid fans continue to anticipate Apple Watch 2 rumors and release date. With some rumors saying Apple Watch 2 will be mentioned last Apple’s March 21 event, those waiting were dismayed as not a single detail was disclosed. But what can we expect to see in this high-tech wristwatch yet to be launched? Sources spilled some rumors about LG and Samsung working together with Apple to produce a thinner OLED display making it possible to incorporate a larger battery since the first generation of Apple Watch had some concerns about its battery life. It is even speculated to have wireless ...

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Best Virtual Reality Headsets This 2016

best virtual reality headsets this 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets become increasingly popular again. This year, new improvements and innovation are yet to be discovered by VR fans (and soon to be fans) around the world. This list now gives you the best virtual reality headsets this 2016, whether for computers or for your smartphones. Best VR headset #1: Oculus Rift Although the kit costs about £500, Oculus Rift is considered the best VR headset yet. It is loaded with sensors, has integrated headphones, and even has a camera for more movement detection. Oculus Rift, however, requires a high-spec PC for a full system VR experience. ...

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