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Solar Energy Fun Facts

solar energy fun facts

Kids of this generation have become more and more interested and curious about everything. Some are fascinated with the universe and space while others love exploring the natural environment. One of the most popular topics that kids love learning about is the sun and the energy it brings. Solar energy facts for kids have been one of the the favorites. Especially nowadays, global warming seems to be very evident, making scientists believe that we should take care of our present sources of energy. Despite the fact that solar energy facts for kids may be found in the different science magazines, ...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

the advantages and disadvantages of solar power

With technology and cities emerging, there is a growing need for more power. Our current energy supply, however, is not enough to meet the increasing demands of the population from all over the world. This is reality, especially when we are highly dependent on non-renewable energy, like fossil fuel. This is why more people are looking for a sustainable energy source. Solar power is among these sustainable energy sources. This is also one of the most preferred alternative sources of energy since it is abundant in most countries in the planet. Although the solar power is a good idea, there ...

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How Solar Panels Really Work

how solar panels really work

Electricity is one of the most important, if not the most important utility men can’t live without. It has become an essential part of our lives. But nowadays, electricity charges have climbed continuously, making it such an expensive necessity. The good news is, there are actually many sources of power that you can use as an alternative. These come from natural sources such as the wind energy generated by windmills or the most common of them all, heat energy from the sun. Electricity generated from the sun is called solar power. Sure, everyone knows that. But what most people are ...

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Solar Panels: What are They?

solar panels: what are they

When talking about alternative sources of energy, solar panels are always a part of the conversation. However, most people would ask? This term can be a bit confusing. So, what are solar panels? These are installations that are composed of many solar cells. These little cells absorb the solar rays in the atmosphere and then convert them to usable energy. The raw energy that the solar panels generate are then made usable through a conversion box that makes it safe for electrical equipment. Raw energy is not safe and usable for our electronic gadgets, even for those used for industrial ...

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Experience Mixed-Reality Technology

experience mixed-reality technology

Have you heard of virtual reality technology? I bet you’ve been amazed by how this technology works. But wait – there’s definitely something more! Imagine the real world and virtual world merging to produce an environment where both digital and physical objects coexist. This is called mixed-reality technology or simply MR. Magic Leap, a technology company, now makes this possible. And among competitors producing mixed-reality technology like Microsoft and Meta, Magic Leap has the most advanced version so far. When compared also to virtual reality, Magic Leap produces more realistic display as it makes pixels disappear. Director Peter Jackson then ...

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