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10 Clever Ideas for Your Real Estate Website

10 clever ideas for your real estate website

If you’re a traditional real estate agent who’s still 100% reliant on flyers and on-ground executions, maybe it’s a good time to tweak your tactics a bit. More and more potential clients are turning to the World Wide Web in purchasing their everyday needs, properties included. Now, it’s time to debunk the notion that the Internet is solely for the youth. Much of the corporate and adult market is actually dependent on this medium, and it’s a wise move to allot some of your pitching online. However, don’t jump into the bandwagon just yet and heed these pointers on creating ...

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5 Free Online Ways to Market Your Property

5 free online ways to market your property

Selling properties has never been as easy as today, where the rise of the Internet has been pointed to as the main reason behind it all. Every real estate professional is quickly catching up with this phenomenon, and you would get left behind if you didn’t. The allure of ultra-accessible media such as instant messaging, email, and video calls are just too good to resist. And although many agents have opted to set up websites devoted to selling their products, these entail considerable effort and money. Now, if you are still a budding businessman who can’t afford to break the ...

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3 Simple Ways to Value Your Clients

3 simple ways to value your clients

Everyone knows that clients are the lifeblood of every business and industry; hence, giving rise to the saying, “The customer is king”. Nonetheless, the approach needs to be diverse and should tailor-fit the demands of the specific industry. Fast-moving consumer goods, food and detergent, for example, usually have people clamouring to get the most value out of their money, whilst the entertainment scene, in contrast, constantly has to ramp up its shock value. On the other hand, the real estate market is an entirely different thing since it’s the most painstaking to decide upon, yet also the most personal and ...

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Is It Worth Buying an Executive Condominium?

is it worth buying an executive condominium

As the plum island country of Singapore becomes more and more economically progressive in the international arena, so does its growing number of countrymen who are in need of a quality abode to reside in, near its bustling financial and leisure centres. If you are one of these, do not fret; the meticulous Housing and Development Board offers various ways to avail your own place within the Asian tiger, including the much lauded Executive Condominium (ECs) scheme. This scheme, introduced in 1997, specifically caters to the young Singaporean graduates and professionals who are capable of buying more than a typical ...

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Why Invest in Property?

why invest in property

There is a compelling reason why the thought of investing in any property still excites people: it is a guaranteed money maker. Aside from offering people the basic necessity of a shelter, it was with the real estate boom that homes turned into perpetual commodities. Other kinds of investments, especially the likes of stocks and shares, provide greater risks. For example, a $500,000 investment in the stock market requires constant monitoring as the value of your shares can significantly decrease in just one trading session. Yes, you can always declare use a ‘margin account’, wherein you put in a smaller ...

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Save Some Bucks: Watch Out for Off Peak Train Times


Off peak season pertains to that time frame where less people travel. With regard to train schedules, early afternoons are the usual off peak train times. However, this still varies with different train companies. On a general note, ticket prices are low for trains traveling at the least busy hours. Holidays might require different rates though. Off Peak Train Hours It would be hard to specify which hours of the day are considered as off peak train times, given that it still is under the company’s jurisdiction. Their timetables may be available on their websites and stations. If you are ...

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The Many Convenient Ways to Use Your NetSpend Debit Card

netspend debit card

A NetSpend debit card card is a prepaid debit card similar to having an ATM card from a bank but without going through the hassle of opening a bank account or the need to maintain a minimum balance. NetSpend had provided more than 7 million consumers the ability to pay bills, purchase items and manage their money without the inconvenience of dealing with banks and undergoing rigorous credit checks. The cards can be purchased online or at more than 30,000 locations throughout the U.S. including grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and many other places. How to Use Your NetSpend ...

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Travel Smart With These Money-Saving Tips

travel smart

In this time of worsening economic conditions, it is essential for us consumers to be mindful of our spending habits. Especially when planning that once-a-year getaway. Here are some helpful tips on how to travel smart and cut down some bucks while having a blast in your getaway trip! 1. Conserve your frequent flier miles. Do not use your points right away when it has already accumulated to a significant amount. Compute first the cash value of the points that you are intending to use, through the $1.4 per mile rule. For example, if the plane ticket requires 50,000 points ...

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Financial Coaching for a Better Future

financial coaching

Not everyone is good with finances; in fact most of us face trouble managing our finances, especially in today’s uncertain economic conditions. This results to inability to pay your bills on time, growing debt, and the tempting thought of filing for bankruptcy. However, filing for bankruptcy isn’t a cure, it is only a means of escaping. Your best chances in handling money lies with financial coaching. In most cases, financial problems arise because we lack the proper information and knowledge in handling money. The inability to create a proper budget plan and follow it only results in bad credit report ...

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Three Major Pay Day Loan Requirements

pay day loan requirements

Financial emergencies crop up at the worst possible times, often leaving a trail of devastation in your monthly budget. It is incredibly difficult to churn out buckets of cash to pay off debts within a few hours to spare, and most loan schemes often require approval before granting the money you so sorely need. So what is the best way to combat this financial conundrum? Instant pay day loans, of course! With an instantaneous approval that grants you a quick and easy loan to cover your sudden financial woes, instant pay day loans often tag along with a set of ...

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